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  • sss979

    Have read several fictions published by this author, all found in the TMNT fandom, and have yet to find one I didn't enjoy. This author has a style a their own, and always puts a sweet-borderline-fluffy romantic turn on their work. Their style appeals to the dreamer in me who still searches for shooting stars and fourleaf clovers, without making things overly sappy--at least in my opinion. As if that weren't enough, they've written Don-centric fictions that portray him well without sacrificing romance. 

  • NamekKaia

    Completely fell for this author's fiction "Shattered Glass"--found in the Dragonball/DBZ/DBGT fandom--years ago. In my opinion, there is a major shortage of quality Piccolo-centric romances, and most of the ones which DO qualify as such are, well, too 'clean' for my tastes. NamekKaia writes a wonderful, romantic, engaging romance, and the love scene she's posted on this fic--on here--is a perfect balance between romantic, passionate, dreamy, and sexy. My only beef is that NamekKaia seems to have forgotten they posted this on here, because I found one further chapter on another site--MediaMiner--but otherwise, no updates in years...a tearjerker in itself. Definitey recommend this author and their fiction mentioned here, but do keep in mind "Shattered Glass" is as of yet, and may always be, incomplete. 

  • selfless1978