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    Hiatus notes in-story will be removed upon updates, so keep an eye on your alerts. New chapters for Shifting the Paradigm completed, back-log being updated to AFF; more work for A Match Made in Metal and The Demon King and the Half-Breed Hermit ongoing. A New Lease on Life is experiencing a delay but not abandoned.

    Hey, y'all!

    Ghost here. I'm a Midwestern Otaku who loves reading and writing fanfiction in my spare time - that is, the spare time not taken up by my novel and the ever-accursed "RealLife." I've got an odd sense of humor, crazy-varied tastes in music, an apparently intense personality, and I tend to get distracted pretty easily. I'm also a city gal married to a wonderfully weird country boy 'named' Cold, and 'Mom' to two very spoiled rescue cats code-named "Heiferlump" and "Woozle." I am registered as a Beta on this site and open for digital art commissions on DeviantArt. Also, I have a habit of calling people "Hon" and giving people nicknames; it's not meant to be creepy, so please don't freak out and assume it means I'm stalking you or hitting on you, 'kay? If it bothers you, just tell me, no worries.

    Unlike so many fans, I actually prefer fanfiction with OCs, writing and reading it; with no original characters, it just seems like watching the show, reading the book, and whatever. I love the canon, but when a writer adds their own unique flair to it, it's seriously addictive. Original characters aren't for everyone - and for very good reason. : Anymore, it seems like the Mary Sues are building an army with intent to take over the world.

    My writing is a lot like me - odd, a little intense, kinda random, and full of awkward, corny, weird humor and obscure references and facts people don't necessarily recognize or care about - but my writing style and casual commentary are very different. IE, stories don't read like this nonsense here. Please. My major was Literature with a Creative Writing emphasis and I never stopped studying. Expect better...aside from older chapters that may or may not predate my classes. All my MA rated writing here will be published in uncensored quality; though the story may be published elsewhere, it's probably watered down. If you don't want to read the 'fade to black' moments included here--PERISH the THOUGHT!--you can find clean versions on FFnet and/or AO3.

    Please leave the drama on the stage, and baggage at the door - Life's too short to spend it getting ticked over stuff that doesn't really matter in the long run. If you have any questions, want advice, or just feel like yacking about stuff, feel free to PM me on here or contact me on one of my other regular sites...just don't set a timer or something. Real Life can be a hassle and unfortunately, it comes first. If you don't hear from me for weeks - or longer - that does not mean I'm ignoring you, comatose, or lost in the Congo. It just means life has decided to kick my tush again, and I'm recovering from the resulting injuries. ;) Hope y'all have a wonderful day, and that Real Life treats you well.

    ~Ghost Chance

    Please, come pester me elsewhere!

    TUMBLR - fiction, art, randomness, updates, and ramblings, a few story-related blogs - I drop by pretty frequently unless life's kicking my keister.

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    • A New Lease on Life-related - Get-a-new-lease-on-life
    • Serendipity/Shifting the Paradigm/The Demon King and the Half-Breed Hermit - Serendipity-and-the-Demon-King
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    Other places

    • Archive of Our Own - fiction, some fanart. Ghost_of_a_Chance_13
    • FanfictionDOTnet - fanfiction, some of which never makes it to other sites. Ghost-of-a-Chance-13
    • Spotify - music & playlists related to my stories, recc's gratefully appreciated! Visited LITERALLY daily. Like, almost constantly. I LIVE on Spotify! Ghost Chance, look for an avatar that matches my writing sites. (Usually some variety of stylized ghost)
    • DeviantArt - art, fanart, maybe an occasional story, commissions sought. I don't check this site regularly, better to harass me elsewhere. Ghost-of-a-Chance-13


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