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    Tadaima de gozaru yo! I have been gone for almost a decade O_O;; I realized I have not posted the final chapters of Wild Welcome Home. The soft copy has been lost, but I have a printed copy so I'll just have to redo it... please be patient to sessha m(_._)m

    kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu..

    Last Update: Hi! this is "Sessha Kenshin" an author from fic "Wild Welcome Home" WAS posted there, up until they just deleted it...sessha posted the first chapter there too, but took out the, uh, 'juicy' parts...sessha just reminded others that my fic will be posted here... oh! and for those who knows my fic, well, my fic was posted here in too..the title is "wild welcome home"'s mine, but somehow, it wouldn't show that IM the author... im rambling am i?

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