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    Hi everyone, my real name is Beth. I write many stories in about eight to ten fandoms, my main one at this moment is InuYasha and Disney's Mighty Ducks the Animated Series with a major twist to it. If any of the stories that I write offend your eyes, I do not care. I write what I want and if you do not like that story, that is your problem, not mine. I write about real topics from date rape to drug abuse and for the most part I will try my very best to do them correctly.

    I am currently working on some of my stories that I have yet to finish and some may be posted here or on another fanfiction based website.

    Please go read the stories that I have in my recommended reading list, they are all quite good. Shout outs goes out to my sister of soul, Rhonda. I love ya sis and to all those people who have left me a review on my stories thanks!

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