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    Greetings, my name is Beth Brownell. As a creative writer, my aim is to draw out the worst and the best in my characters as you, my reader follow them through their journey to wherever it leads them for better or for worse. It is my hope that they come to life for you and engage your imagination as they did me while writing their journey from start to finish.

    One of my favorite types of books is when the woman doesn't always get the guy in the end, who doesn't love that type of story. Who doesn't love that kind of story, that is not the oh so typical romance story?

    I also like novels that let the woman get the man but I also find myself favoring books that have the woman still single and not get the guy. I tend to write that type of novel most of the time.

    I write fantasy, semi-horror and romance novels. I am currently working on editing my Storyteller's tale and working on the second of eight stories dealing with that set of characters.

    When I'm not writing original stories, I write fanfiction which I have done since 1985, some of my fanfiction works will never see the light of day as they are not very good.

    I write many stories from original to fanfiction, which at this moment is Disney's Mighty Ducks the Animated Series with a major twist to it. If any of the stories that I write offend your eyes, I do not care. I write what I want and if you do not like that story, that is your problem, not mine. I write about real topics from date rape to drug abuse and for the most part I will try my very best to do them correctly, which includes transgenders and homosexual couples.

    I am currently working on some of my stories that I have yet to finish and some may be posted here or on another fanfiction based website.

    Please read the stories that I have in my recommended reading list as they are all quite good. Shout outs goes out to my sister of soul, Rhonda. I love ya sis and to all those people who have left me a review on my stories thanks!

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