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    I'm through with this site. It's not as good as it used to be. 

    Why? Because of functionally retard dick cheese fanfags flooding the site with their shit and cyber bullying talented authors who actually have the guts and bravery to write something unusual and unique.

    "Eeeeew! Why do you write about that certain character? He/She is an ugly freakish monster? No one wants to read porno on the ugly monster characters. You are fucking sick!"

    "Wow! This is different! I hate different."

    "Where's the pretty boy yaoi?"

    "You shouldn't hate that character. He/She is too handsome/beautiful to be hated on."

    These are the braindead fantards in a nutshell. 

    You know what I get fucking sick of: Abuse = Love Stockholm Syndrome fetish shit. OoC yaoi/yuri shit. Mary Sue/Gary Stu wet dream fantasy shit. And last, but not least, reader insert fics that are like CYOA stories, but nowhere near as fun, adventurous, interesting nor interactive as a real CYOA story is. They are all the same fucking story over and over and FUCKING OVER AGAIN! Yet authors such as myself and a few minority of others on this site, get bashed, cyber bullied and receive violent rape and murder threats for trying to think outside the box and be different. Yet this stupid ass shit I mentioned above gets praised and worshipped as if it were the new form of the Holy Bible. Stupid people sicken me.

    I'm through with this site and the flood of retarded inbred dick cheeses that flood the sight with their stupidity. I have better fanfiction sties to go to anyways.

    Ta ta! I'm outta here.

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