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    Hiya Im Helen and Im 23. I love reading fan fic and writing it too. My main area of writing is the slash pairing of Remus/Sirius from Harry Potter although I have tried my hand at other areas such as Fenrir/Remus and Harry/Remus as well as femmeslash. Please review my stuff as I will know if my stories are good or not. All I ask is that you give either positive or constructive criticism. Any reveiws bashing my work will be deleted. Trust me, the only way I learn (along with every other fan fic writer) where I'm going wrong is through constructive criticism. I also post my fiction in Live Journal communities. I have two internet journals: I also have two internet journals for my fan fiction: All the fan fiction is categorised into different pairings in my memories sections: Edit: 20th July 2007- I have got two fics coming up from two fic fests and then that'll be the last of my fics for a while for I'm going to concentrate on my original novel, which is about werewolves. You can check out my progress here:
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