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    I've decided to finally share a bit of info about me! I absolutely LOVE fanfics. When i discovered them in my sophomore year in high school... about eight years ago i nearly died and discovered a love of writing. in those eight years i quickly discovered which elements worked for me and which didn't... and should i forget i have no problem reading and critiquing my own works. This is usually the reason why i take so long to update, i learned if i rush it sounds just that... i need my chapters just right or the story is ruined. Really any comments questions, requests.. etc just go on and ask. Above all else i LOVE hearing from fans plus it kicks my lazy butt into gear... E-mail used to be the quickest way to get me but since i got a fancy new phone... seems like Twitter is the better place (yes yes i jumped on that boat) AquaFire03 or my AIM account. Please.. dont be shy.. really.

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