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    UPDATED 22nd Sept 2016.New Sequel added to Captivation: 'Seven Years Later'! 
    Also, Legacy is now complete. As is Improvisation. All chapters will be uploaded. 

    1st Feb 2015. New Tokio Hotel story up! Improvisation - a Georg/Tom fic where they're both actors working on the same movie together and Bill is Tom's girlfriend.

    10th October 2014. Captivation is now complete. There are 41 chapters in total, having been written over the last 4 years and finally it's done! Hope everyone enjoyed it :)

    17th Jan 2014. Sock Syndrome completed. Do Adam & Bill end up together and who does Tom hook up with?

    12th November 2012. Finally finished A Paler Shade of Green! Lorne gets his happy ending and Kylar finds his forever home. There are many errors in this fic, and all of my old stories, but it's caused by something going wrong on this site, not anything I did. I could fix them all but I don't have time for that, so I'm sorry if the errors make my old stories unreadable :( 


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