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    I'm a devoted yaoi fan from way back who enjoys writing and drawing about my favorite pairings. I'm currently working on a fic that's been kicking around for over ten years and I hope to have it completed soon.

    In the process of writing and posting the Fushigi Yuugi story I've been working on for so long. I'm excited to finally get it posted! ^_~

    Note:  I'm still behind on writing, but I'm persevering. It's taking much longer than I had anticipated. Please rest assured, I won't give up on Aienkien; I will finish it if it's the last thing I do. ^_~

    Notes on Fushigi Yuugi -- Aienkien:

    My intention in writing this fanfiction was multi-fold. I wanted to get this story down on paper after it had been percolating in my brain in one way or another for nearly a decade. I wanted to do the Tasuki/Chichiri fandom a solid by using canon events, characters, and situations plus some creative license to offer a plausible relationship scenario instead of setting it in an AU. I wanted to make all the characters (the secondary characters in particular) in Fushigi Yuugi more human, with human motivations, problems, and issues instead of leaving them as two-dimensional caricatures. I wanted to challenge myself to do a large fanfiction project with multiple parts and an overall plot instead of just continuing with the vignettes I've done in the past. And I wanted to take some of the loose ends and underdeveloped parts of Fushigi Yuugi, a work I count as an all-time favorite, and flesh them out in a plausible, logical, rational way that wouldn't detract from the original work.

    The entirety of this story runs concurrent to the time period in which the anime runs, either recounting events or referencing events that have happened, are happening, or will happen in context of the chapter said event is in. The story follows the plot of the anime, not the manga, though I have added in a few manga ideas that weren't kept in the anime. In some places, I have chosen to skip over some scenes that were already covered in the anime rather than rehash them. In other places, I have chosen to rehash at least parts of an episode if not the entire thing. Where I have rehashed what's happened in the anime, I've tried to use as much of the original English-language dialogue as I could, though I have taken license with some of it. A good bit of the SD stuff from the anime has been eliminated or toned down since I wanted a more serious tone to this fanfiction. I've also tried to depict the world of Fushigi Yuugi as more Chinese than was shown in the series originally, so I've added or changed thing to this end. Of course, FY being a Japanese work, I've kept the Japanese names for the characters and the Japanese terms for some things (like Chichiri's cloak and staff).

    This story is also archived on Fanfiction(dot)net and Archiveofourown(dot)org under the same title and same account name, Llanyia.

    Also, if anyone was wondering, I used song titles from the first four albums by the band Enigma as chapter titles for this story.

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