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    I'm a Scorpio. My favorite color is green. I like to go on long moonlit beach strolls to discuss literature and...oh wait a minute. Wrong site.

    Hmm, what to say about me... I'm 36 years old.

    I like music, movies, writing, video games, playing on the computer and reading.

    I'm addicted to:
    Cherry Chapstick...ever since I was eleven. Have you ever returned home because you forgot your tube of chapstick? Sad, sad, sad! Finally got smart and started carrying an extra tube in my purse.
    Gum...think I'm up to a pack a day. But it's sugarless and whitening (shows off dazzling white smile).
    Buying DVD's...over 500 now. Must stop.

    I go through stages of obsession. Currently it's vampires, Pirates of the Caribbean (especially Norrington...was he that hot in the first one?) and Jane Austen.

    Books: I read Jane Austen, trashy romance novels and Harry Potter. Currently reading The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy even though I said I would not. Everyone was talking about them and I had to see what all the fuss was about.

    Music: I listen to anything and everything from Opera to Pop to Country to Latin to Oldies to Big Band and the Rat Pack, if it's music, I'll listen to it. But I love the late 60's early 70's music era. That's why I call myself Hippiechick. I'm an old soul living in the wrong era. Damn my luck :(

    TV: I love The Big Bang Theory, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Hawaii Five 0, Moonlight (hello Alex O'Loughlin!), The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and The Soup on E. But my all time favorite show ever is The Monkees, I'm blushing. Can you see me blushing?

    Movies: Now we're talking. I love movies! Comedies, Romance, Musicals, Horror, Action...and on and on. Current favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Video Games: I love Grand Theft Auto...that's a great stress relief after a crappy day at work. Steal some cars, shoot a ho. The Sims 3...can't control my own life so lets make fake people to control theirs.

    People who know me would say I'm organized, smart, nice and trustworthy.

    I'm the person you have just met but you're tucked away in the corner with as you spill your darkest secrets with absolute trust. I'm a born listener and because of that few people know the true me, though that doesn't really bother me because I don't trust very easily. The less people know about you the less they have to use against you and hurt you. I would never use my knowledge about another person against them but I can't speak for everyone else. Cynical, huh? But at least I can admit it. Though oddly enough, as it's on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I'm a die hard romantic.

    Story info:

    My stories are rated M for a reason so if you're the least bit sensitive I do put special warnings at the top of more adult chapters. Because there will be extremely steamy scenes.

    Sometimes I use your idea's you leave in my reviews to guide the story so don't hesitate to say what you think is going to happen. I use third person omniscient when I write, it suits me the best.

    Lastly, I appreciate honesty. So you can leave constructive criticism if you'd like but be nice about it. It can only make you a better writer.

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