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    I am a woman of varied interests, though top of my list to describe myself is a reader.  I will most likely be buried (in an environmentally green burial)  with an  e-reader (instead of a bookshelf of books - got to love technology *lol*) in my hand.  :D    Well, unless my ashes get spread on the wind off of a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset.  :D

    Yes, I can be a little odd. *lol*

    I would list what I want to write about fan fiction and original wise but the list would take too long to type.  If I do have some news, for a brief time, I will make note of it here, before deleting it.

    Fun Fact:  I was born on 12/30 (I"m a Capricorn with Aries in my First House)  which is noted in the Philippines as Jose Rizal day (one of their national heroes)

    Pure Fact: I am not afraid to state my Age, I am 47 years old and I enjoy writing as a fun hobby only second to reading, which I am addicted to.  I do appreciate constructive criticism meant to help but anything of an unhelpful and/or abusive nature will be removed.  I can understand for instance:

    i.e.  I noticed in your story that there wasn't a lot of show instead of telling to the content.  I noticed you misspelled ___in Chapter one, paragraph (If you want to do a cut and paste there, be my guest) and the correct spelling is___.  I'll even be open to suggestions if you think a sentence I wrote would be clearer or easier to understand another way.

    i.e.  example of negatives that will be removed:  "What kind of story is this?  You suck at storytelling you should give up."  Or, "The story is so mary sue-ish but there's too many examples to list for me to name, you need to re-do it."  or flames like, "You write like crap, stop trying!"

    If you notice something that could use improving.  Show me what you disagreed with or had questions about and then list your reasons why you disagreed or how you think it could be improved.  I like to learn and am open to suggestions; unless I did something for a specific reason, then I will say so.  What I am not open to, is abuse and flames.  I firmly believe in respecting each other and common courtesy.  Just because one is on the internet, does not mean manners can be forgotten.  

    Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.  Thank you for your time and patience. :)

    Pure Fact two:  I unabashedly am a supporter of Equality for all peoples, including the right to marry (if one is of the mind to do so) and raise a family.  It is not just the privilege of a select few but the civil right of all Americans; including our LGBT communities.  I'm also big on Human Rights too. :)   So if I write a story with same-sex marriage in it, and one finds it offensive, please feel free not to read it.   Oh and I totally believe in Karma and Reincarnation. :P

    Ok, my second soap box is done.  If you have questions for me feel free to ask, I may or may not answer. ;)

    I've recently gotten into the Full Cast Audio stories on Big Finish - Most either Doctor Who or involving Characters from the Doctor Who Universe, but there's a handful of others too - makes me wish a lot of my favorite Authors had that option for their series.  Yes, right now my latest passion is Doctor Who.  

    Happy 2020 - I've been Jane Austen binging on my Amazon account and reading steamy alternative romances too.  I find I really like the spicy polyromance category in addition to other spicy romance categories.




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