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    Love most M/F pairings especially Spike/Buffy Spike/Fred Willow/Oz Wes/Faith. Also a big shipper of Christine and Erik from Phantom of the opera. Pretty partial to Faramir/Eowyn fics too, so if anyone knows of any would love to read them. :) Just in case anyone is interested :D I have read Leroux's Phantom. Kays Phantom, own both books, the movie companion, the OLC cd of Poto as well as the movie Soundtrack. Seen the movie 11 times at the cinema. Going to see the stage show in September. Also have the new cd Phantasia on order. Also have various tracks from poto that you cant get in the shops (just kidding) LMAO well maybe a couple. A bit about me and what makes me tick...divorced single mother of three. I have a serious heart condition and almost died last year. Not going to make old bones although I am 35 now so I love writing and its my way of leaving a little bit of me behind in the world besides my beautiful daughters. If you want something go out and get it, because I learned last year the hard way, thats you never know when your future is going to be taken from you.
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