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    I'm 33, female. English isn't my native tongue, so don't pester me about the occasional mistakes you find. I always do my best and work with the help of my betas but I suppose some betas are better than others. 

    I write yaoi for a mature reader. If you are a fanatic believer in "cute" and "I will love you mind, body, and soul for all eternity", I strongly advise you to avoid my fanfics. Especially, if you are eleven or so years old. I am a romantic, I do write "sappy", but there are limits. What I like most is angst, humor, and drama. Best served all in one.

    As you see, I write for Kyou Kara Maou! and Dragon Ball Z fandoms. Concerning reading, I can read almost anything as long as it's written well and isn't a songfic. This year, I've been into reading Final Fantasy VII fandom. I don't have any problems with various character pairings either with the exception of shota. I don't like shota. And tentacles. And pink lizards. And no bondage, please.

    I suppose I should get around to editing my old fics, but...maybe someday. Old is old and I'd rather spend my time writing something new than torturing myself with hoards of ridiculous stuff I wrote years ago ^_^ Besides, there's always someone who enjoys those old fics nonetheless.

    Here's some fanart for Barracks:

    And here's a lot of fanart for the KKM trilogy of mine:

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