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    Awesome, a place to put all my bad porn. I apologize ahead of time if my fanfiction blinds you.

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    - Finished playing TWEWY, so a few fics have been written for that.  "Proxy" is a one-shot to explore Joshua's motivations and character.  "Frequency" is going to be a multi-chapter fic that is currently in progress.

    - "Unfathomable" is a Kingdom Hearts multi-part chapter that I've been working on.  It is now complete!

    - Did a bunch of updates on tumblr!  Some broken links still exist, but otherwise it's muuuuch better.

    - I am shocked to find that people are actually reading The Shadowman.  I wrote that waaaaaaaaay back in 2004.  There are about 2 chapters left to actually finish the story.  I might actually accomplish it!

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