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    I’d like to welcome you all to my page and thank you for your interest in my writing!

    After a just overwhelming amount of support since I started sharing my work, I have taken some time off to focus on writing, so please do support if possible so I know if this is something I can continue full time.

    My Promise:
    There will be at least three updates a week. On top of this I will release extra material when I hit milestones and these will be determined by the patrons of my work (whether another couple chapters from a specific story or a sneak peak from one of the stories that are in progress or an excerpt from my original story … that is up to them).

    Look forward to feedback from you and welcome any and all suggestions and/or writing prompts from all of you. Don’t hesitate to reach out either on here or on any of my socials.

    I want to thank all of you for taking the time to consider supporting me and visiting my page. I hope no matter what you decide you will take the time to reach out and let me know what you think! I am humbled by the support and feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    Twitter: @FavoriteAuthor_
    Instagram: FavoriteAuthor_Fanfic

    If you enjoy my writing and wish to give it your patronage, you can visit and show support at Pa T rEoN / FavoriteAuthor - you will be able to get early access and there are giveaways and polls and your support will mean a lot!

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