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    "Sex is Everthing, Everything is Sex, Sex is Always First. Always."  These are the mottoes I live by. I love sex. I adore sex. I live and breathe sex. Sex is the central hub around which my entire daily life revolves. I am fortunate to be married to a man who not only understands my need for unlimited, unrestrained sex but also supports and encourages my daily quest for new and exciting sexual adventures. My philosophies, beliefs and lifestyle of complete sexual freedom are manifested in my stories, which are, at least in part, from my own life experiences. I hope you enjoy them and, perhaps, learn from them. I appreciate any reviews that you, my readers, care to leave.

    Because I have been locked out of my original LadyFreelove account and all efforts to reclaim it have failed, I have created this one. Rest assured that it is me and that I am now writing new stories for your enjoyment.

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