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    "Sex is Everthing, Everything is Sex!" 

    "Sex is Always First. Always!" 

    "One must be alive to enjoy sex but one must have unlimited, unrestrained sex to be truly alive!"

    These are the mottoes I live by on a daily basis. I love sex. I adore sex. I live and breathe sex. Sex is the central hub around which my entire daily life revolves. I am fortunate to be married to a man who not only understands my need for unlimited, unrestrained sex but also supports and encourages my daily quest for new and exciting sexual adventures.

    My husband tells everyone he meets that I'm his "sexy, hot, slut wife" and that I'm always available for sexual fun and games with anyone and everyone. He is proud of my sexual prowess and my willingness to share my body freely with the world. My philosophies, beliefs and lifestyle of complete and absolute sexual freedom are manifested in my stories, which are, at least in part, from my own life experiences. By virtue of my own life experiences, I am a staunch champion of consensual, intrafamily intimacy (I don't like that "I" word) and this is portrayed in most of my fictional works.

    My "Aurora" stories reflect my own life philosophies and how I live my life as much as possible. 

    I firmly believe that this violent, sexually repressed and oppressed world will never know true peace until the people of Earth free themselves entirely of the fabric prisons in which they bind themselves and open themselves to unlimited, unrestrained sexual pleasures. The vast majority of the world's social problems (crime, violence, war, racism, etc.) are ther direct result of body and sexual repression. We, as a species, will never advance beyond our barbaric societies until completely unrestrained, unlimited, uninhibited sexuality and total body freedom without clothes becomes the everyday norm for everyone. Only when the word "No" (where applied to sex) is utterly and completely banished from our vocabulary can we have a chance for the beautiful world our Creator intended for us.

    The world must come to realize that here are no heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals or lesbians. Were are all simply "sexuals," capable of fully sharing beautiful, perfect sexual pleasure with one another without regard to gender, age, ethnicity or race.

    Unless a world society such as depicted in "Aurora: 2185" becomes a solid reality, I believe that civilization, indeed, the human species itself, is doomed to failure and extinction. We must, without fail and very soon, eliminate jealousy, possessiveness and sexual insecurity from our lives and adopt a totally free and open sexuality where we all frely and openly share sexual pleasures are between each other without limits, restrictions or restraint.

    Marriage should be abolished. The concept of marriage is born of the ownership of women and the denial of their individual sexual rights as human beings. Marriage, traditionally, has always been a form of prostitution wherein a woman trades her body and sexuality for financial gain and security from a man. This simply cannot be permitted to continue! 

    It is true that I, myself, am married but I did not relinqhish my sexual rights and freedoms when I said "I do.". My husband and I both fully enjoy our individual sexual freedom and the swingers' lifestyle is (and alsways has been) a crucial, important part of our relationship. In fact, we both signed a prenuptial agreement that absolutely guarantees our complete and utter respective sexual freedoms without conditions.

    While I believe that the institution of marriage is an outdated concept that should be done away with, I understand that it will require a few generations before it has been removed from world culture. Until then, all marriages simplly must be completely open marriages and the swingers' lifestyle must become the norm. It must be recognized that monogamy is a harmful, destructive myth that has caused infinitely more harm than good over the millennia during which it has been forced upon humanity. Monogamy is nothing more that a fairy tale that has been wrongfully foisted upon us by an elite intent on controling and limiting personal freedom.

    Anyone who desires to live in a state of true freedom need only discard the rags of shame and, naked, free their libidos enjoy all the God-given sexual pleasures to which they have the right to experience.

    It is absolutely imperative that humanity strive toward a society such as told in Aurora's universe, and as soon as humanly possible. If we don't, the future looks horrible indeed.

    Lady Freelove


    I hope you enjoy them and, perhaps, learn from them. I appreciate any reviews that you, my readers, care to leave.

    Because I have been locked out of my original LadyFreelove account and all efforts to reclaim it have failed, I have created this one. Rest assured that it is me and that I am now writing new stories for your enjoyment.

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