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    Just to let you all know in case any of you miss my work, I decided to stop using this site. I don't like the way you have to turn off your VPN to make anything work, and any edits you make on here aren't saved. That and the lack of engagement make it really not worth the time posting here. I'll leave up the profile and links so you can catch me on better sites. Much love!


    Most of my work has been in the Ghost Hunt fandom, and I'm currently writing for Detroit Become Human.

    There is romance and smut/erotica in all of my work, though the plot isn't always based around that. The long works in particular are very long stories with smut dotted around where appropriate. I write a mixture of M/M and M/F, but mostly M/M.

    Other genres include supernatural/horror and crime/drama.

    I'm a native British English writer, so a lot of the spelling I use will be UK English.

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