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    A cat from Michigan given intelligence and powers from a Stand Arrow. It's Stand is "Cat Scratch Fever". The cat found a laptop and now writes stories.

    Soundtrack to "The Shadow of his Heart"
    Lincoln's Theme: Middle Class Rut "New Low"
    Lucy's Theme: Chiasm "Isolated"
    Ronnie Anne's Theme: The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary"
    Lily's Theme: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Maya's Theme "Turnabout Sisters"
    Lucy & Lincoln's Love Song: Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight Tonight"
    Ronnie Anne and Lincoln's Love Song: The Starting Line "Best of me"
    Lynn Loud Jr's Theme: The Smiths "How soon is now?"
    Lincoln and Lynn's Love Song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps"
    Lincoln and Clyde's Friendship theme: Scrubs "Guy Love"
    Lincoln and Ronnie's Break Up Theme: 3 Doors Down "Let me go"

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