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    You can call me Mina ^^ So, let's get along from now on, shall we?

    *sigh* Like I've mentioned earlier, I'm just a writer, who still have a lot to learn, yet within each work giving my best. So, you bet, this author puts a mind and heart into each made chapter or one-shot. Be it a tooth-rotting fluff, smut or dark themed project (Yup, Mina is an author of many genres, 'cos the more you try and experiment, the more you learn what suits you the most).

    Dear, rn my main projects are:
    1) Gothic adventure type story in Castlevania-esque style - Vampire's Kiss

    2) Dystopian future science-fantasy story - Fading Blossom in the Sand

    3) A series about stories from clones' and their Big Bro 'Nagi - One Without a Name

    Interested in these fandoms:

    - Castlevania (All media including Netflixvania, radio-drama, manga, comics, game series aside Lord of Shadow trilogy)
    - Megaman (Mostly X, Zero and ZX series)
    - Animamundi Dark Alchemist
    - Togainu no Chi (rather the Visual Novel than anime adaptation)
    - King of Fighters (this where practicing writing skills, but might try it on earlier mentioned fandoms as well)
    - Elfen Lied (both -anime and manga)
    - Devil May Cry series (Still green, but slowly getting into it)
    - Fullmetal Alchemist (the 2003 anime series, Brotherhood, manga)
    - Lamento Beyond the Void
    - Sweet Pool
    - Dramatical Murder/DMMD (Both Visual Novel and anime series)
    - Rosario+Vampire (Both - anime and manga)

    Alternative accounts:
    Tumblr side-blog for all gif sets, videos and etc.~

    Wanna have a chat?

    Discord~ Mina-chan95#0742

    BTW, I don't mind remixes, translation, whatever you fancy of my writen projects. More so, I will be more than glad for that! ^^ and always up for collabs as well (just let me know in earlier what kind of, so that I could prepare in time)

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