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    Avatar the Last Airbender is getting a second wind, W00t! And hopefully that 'second wind' will be worthy of an airbender! So, I've been in that fandom ever since the show first aired, but I've never tried my hand at adult fanfiction, so we'll see how that goes. 

    The Dragon Prince is also on the docket. Headed up by some of the creators of ATLA, it is also an enjoyable romp that has more interesting adult characters. Don't believe I will be doing any Rayla/Callum, but going straight for the more mature people. Lord Viren and Aaravos have enough sexual tension to knock out a dragon. 

    Much as I'd like to write for the Ninja Turtles, I don't do incest, and I feel that creating any female OCs would be sort of a cop-out, so that stinks. I feel like we don't have much to work with, canon wise. Karai is cool and all, and April is nice, but they don't inspire me. Now, writing about 2012 Splinter and some female mutant, or that spider lady in the 2018 series, maybe I could do. Again, the adults. But for slightly different reasons. 

    I may also write for the other Asian inspired Western cartoon, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, since Mao comes off as a very seasoned adult,  despite the cartoonized filter he's put through, but that is To Be Determined. 

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