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    I never know what to say about myself, so here goes. With the current global situation, shutdowns, lockdowns, confusion and overall chaos, I decided to dredge up these old stories that I wrote years ago while playing Lineage2. I currently despise the state of the game, and even if I didn't, I don't have free time to play anymore. As anyone can tell from reading the stories, I have a 'thing' for the light elf/dark elf pairing. Don't ask, I don't know.

    Meanwhile, I work as an Optometric Technician in a very busy eyecare clinic Mon-Fri, with a few Saturday's sprinkled in for good measure.

    I'm divorced and live with one very demanding Tuxedo cat named Roku (short for either Miroku of InuYasha fame, or Avatar Roku of The Last Air Bender animated series *the movie does NOT count*) so, take your pick. I also have a boisterous German Shepherd Dog who, throughout the three years of his life has earned the name Loki, for various reasons, most of which involve mischief and one seriously death defying stunt where he chewed on the outside A/C unit fan electrical cord and survived. However the internal thermostat did not, $600+. He's lucky he's cute like his namesake.  

    I have a semi-planned 'share-able' story where I will allow people to add chapters as they wish. Again, it will take place within the Lineage2 world, right after the Goddess of Destruction update, I will allow for L2R/L2M references even though I'm not familiar with either game. But the general principle will be a 'rescue' mission of some kind, the clan is scattered and looking for thier clan leader. 

    Should anyone like to email me my email is


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