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    Hello, I am Athena a 27-year-old writer of fanfiction, growing up I had a hard time with writing and hoping to improve, I had poor education where I live, where I didn't learn grammar and punctuation like everyone else so if you don't like how I write things, don't bother, have fun reading my books.

    I am trying my best with my writing that counts, if you don't like it, then just don't...

    I've had enough with a lot of people in my life who do the same I was also born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and a little sensitive, empathetic to see and view things from that view. Please be easy on me... if not we can't be friends, I'm just tired of having those that don't understand my view. Just note, or put in mind when reviewing and reading, I only write fanfiction based and/or inspired on shows/movies my friend and I have seen and I put my own spin it.

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