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    Greeting to you all!

    I am an inexperienced writer that tries to write smut. So here are a few things to know:

    First of all, my stories contain explicit mature content. So Blah blah blah... Viewer discretion... Disclaimer... etc...

    Next, english is not my prime language and, as I just said, I have very little experience in writing. So it is not impossible for my stories to contain mistakes, typos, to have some weird phrasing or a lack diverse vocabulary and so on... Please bear with it. Feel free to comment my stories if you think you have good advice and I will try to improve.

    I write mostly about Fire Emblem: Awakening featuring Robin as a harem king. However, I might sometimes-maybe-once-in-a-while write about something else, it mostly depends of my inspiration.

    As such, feel free to make requests if you believe that you have a good idea. However, here are no guarantees that I will actually deliver on say request. I do not do this for profit, I have studies to keep up with and only write for my own entertainment. Thus, I make no commitment and might take long breaks without writing anything. So, again, please bear with me.

    I do have other accounts on, and the last of which is my main base of operation.

    Thank you for passing by!

    Have a great day!

    Yours truly,


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