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    Hello everybody. My name is Xyaqom and welcome to my profile in Adult I became a member of the website on January 11th, 2019. I am also a member of, in which I joined the website on March 30, 2017. The reason why there is a two-year gap between the two websites is that I wasn't aware of Adult until recently. I've made many stories on FanFiction, but I plan on transferring all of them to this site over the course of 2019.

    What to expect: I like to focus on mature stories with dark humor. As of right now, most of my stories are Rated M stories, and you need to be 18 to read it. My stories aren't for everybody, as they mostly focus on mature themes. But if that kind of stuff interest you, welcome aboard.

    If you want to ask me any question about my stories, please feel free to PM me, but please keep in mind that I will not answer questions that will spoil the stories. Like seriously, what's the point of reading a story if you already know what's going to happen ahead of time.

    Anyways, I'm hoping to see more of you to visit my file and enjoy my stories. Until then, my name is Xyaqom, and I'm signing out.

    Story Update Schedule:

    This is the Schedule for the types of stories that I will be updating or launching on certain days of the week. Those days are as followed:

    One shot Mondays: Just like what name says, one-shot stories will be launched on a Monday. Now does that mean that there will always be one-shot stories every Monday? Heavens no. That would add way too much for my workload. However if I do get an idea for a one-shot, or if I get a requested to do one, that one shot will be launched on a Monday. Again, there will NOT be a One-Shot ever single Monday. So please don't expect a new one-shot every Monday.

    Beta Wednesdays: The purpose for Beta Wednesdays is for my story Drogons: Beta Ideas. The purpose of this "story," and I use the word "story" very loosely, it's a show the ideas for the official story Drogons that didn't quite make the cut. As an author, I happen to have a lot of ideas for my stories. However, some of those ideas are either put on the back burner, saved for later, or to be put in the trash to never see the light of day. Now I have managed to have some of those ideas to be put in the story Drogons so far, but not until later into the story. Most of those ideas were meant to be put in earlier into the story, However, because of the way the story was heading, it was getting harder and harder for me to get those ideas into the story right to the point where I either had to save it for later or put it into the trash. I don't like having to put my ideas into the trash but sometimes, depending on how the story is running and the tone, I have no choice but to put it into the trash. If I just put my ideas into the story whenever I wanted it would just ruin the flow and the tone that the story currently has for it. That's why I often either hold it off for later or put it in the trash. Then one day, I had this little neat idea. I thought, instead of having my ideas sitting on the trash, why not have it on fanfiction for all of you guys to see, and see all of my past ideas. I hope all of you enjoy all the ideas that I've had in the past and understand why I didn't have them put into the story. Furthermore, these beta ideas will not be in order in any way, also it will not only focus on the beta ideas. I will also be adding some fun one-shots that have nothing to do for the story Drogons, but little fun chapters for all of you to enjoy. I'll let you know on what's a beta idea and what's a one-shot story. Updates for this story will be on a Wednesday. Now does that mean that there will always be one-shot stories every Wednesday? Heavens no. That would add way too much for my workload. However, if I do get an idea for a Drogons one-shot, or if I come up with an idea while writing the official story, but it doesn't quite make the cut, I will be adding that idea to that story, and it will be launched on a Wednesday. Again, there will NOT be a One-Shot ever single Wednesday. So please don't expect a new one-shot every Wednesday.

    Major Fridays: Last but not least, the major stories. Every Fridays, there will be an update for one of my major full pledge stories. One of those stories could be Drogons, The Four Warriors Of The World, it all depends on which story I feel is ready to be updated. I always try to update one different major story every week, have the stories take turns of being updated, but sometimes that might not be the case, sometimes I will need more time to work on a chapter for a certain story, so please expect to not have a certain story that you want updated to be updated.

    And that's that. That's the new weekly schedule for my stories. I hope you guys like the new schedule and are eager for future updates in the near future.

    My Own Character(s):

    If you wish to use any of my own characters into your stories, please ask me for permission by PM (Private Message) me.

    As of this entry, I have three Orginal Characters, and one of them happens to be in my story called Drogons, and he has the same name as my username.


    Name: Xyaqom

    Race: Drogon (Deviluke)/Transassin (Bio-Weapon)

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Color Of Eyes: BloodRed

    Hair: Short spiky black

    Height: 6'0 feet tall

    Weight: 200 pounds (Ripped)

    Appearance: Xyaqom is 6'0 feet tall, and weighs 200 pounds, which is ripped. He has short spiky black hair down to his neck. Xyaqom is mostly seen wearing a black leather jacket with a hood and black leather pants. He mostly has his hood on so that his victims don't see his face. People mostly mistake him Gid Deviluke.

    Abilities: Because of his race, Xyaqom has superhuman strength, endurance, agility and speed, and a great fighter. In the story, Drogons, he's a Drogon, and has abilities of a dragon, like summoning dragon wings in order to fly and can breathe fire, he's also immune to fire. In the To Love Ru world, he's a Deviluke, and his powers are quite similar to Gid Deviluke. Also, thanks to the nano-machines inside of him, he is able to turn any part of his body into a weapon, though he favors turning his arms into adamantium blades. Xyaqom is also immune to Sephie Deviluke's Lust Inducement ability.

    Personality: Xyaqom is cold, quiet, confident and sadistic. Xyaqom doesn't talk much unless its to discuss a contract. He is normally cold to everyone around him, and its best not to get in his bad side if you know what's good for you. He also takes great pride in his work and doesn't like it when you criticize his work. (Like seriously, why would criticize him after doing a job for you, its best not to criticize his work unless you have a death wish) Xyaqom also happens to have a sadistic side, as when he needs information, he will torture people to get the information that he needs, and he takes great joy in torturing his victims.

    Occupation: Assassin for hire. In the story Drogons, Xyaqom is a retired assassin who is living the rest of his days on Earth. In the To Love Ru world, he's still an assassin for hire.

    Likes: Fighting, taking on contracts, and torturing his victims.

    Dislikes: Talking, being criticized for his work.

    Hates: Gid Deviluke. (Probably because he hates it when people mistake him for Gid)

    Hobbies: In the To Love Ru world, if he's not on the job, he's either training or sleeping. Though in the story Drogons, he doesn't sleep at all due to a life-threatening experience that scarred him, and because of this, he suffers from nightmares whenever he tries to sleep.

    Origin Story: Xyaqom was kidnapped from his family when he was only a year old. The people from the Bio-Weapon company kidnapped him and made his body to mature at a rapid rate in order to put nano-machines in him without any consequences. It is unknown who his parents are. Xyaqom's origin story is very different between The Drogons world and The To Love Ru world. To know more about his origin, read the story Drogons.


    Name: Tin-Tin

    Race: N/A

    Age: N/A, but under the age of thirty.

    Gender: Male

    Color Of Eyes: Glowing Yellow

    Hair: Bald

    Height: 4'5 feet tall

    Weight: 100 pounds

    Appearance: Tin-Tin is 4'5 feet tall and weighs a hundred pounds. He has no hair, has blue skin and yellow glowing eyes. He is normally seen wearing a black short sleeve shirt and black pants.

    Abilities: Because of his perverted nature, Tin-Tin has a high sneaking ability. He is able to watch girls change without being caught, (Most of the time) but only if he's not in plain sight. However, there are only a few people that knows where he's hiding when he's being a Peeping Tom. He also knows how to create gadgets that will help him in his Peeping Tom ways. Although he is not a fighter, he happens to have high endurance, because no matter how much the girls beat him up after they catch him watching them change, he gets right back up and resumes his Peeping Tom ways.

    Personality: Tin-Tin is a pervert, a Peeping Tom. He will look up at women's skirts and watch them change whenever he gets the chance. If and when the girls do catch Tin-Tin watching them change or looking up their skirts, he doesn't get discouraged of stopping his perverted ways. Instead, he gets more determined to do more. He is obviously still a virgin and desperately needs to get laid.

    Occupation: Depends on the story that he's in but in the story Drogons, he is Solar Eclipse's assistant.

    Likes: Looking up girls' skirts and watching them change.

    Dislikes: Getting beaten up by girls when they catch him watching them change or catches him looking up their skirts.

    Hates: Getting beaten up by girls when they catch him watching them change or catches him looking up their skirts to the point where they almost kill him.

    Hobbies: Likes looking up girls' skirts and watching them change. He also likes making gadgets that will aid him in his perverted ways.

    Origin Story: Depends on the story that he's in.


    Name: Kenta

    Race: Saiyan/Loboaiyjin/Werewolf

    Sex: Female

    Age: Depends On The Story She's In

    Height: 5'6 (When she's all grown up)

    Weight: 135 pounds (When she's all grown up)

    Breast Size: 34D (When she's all grown up)

    Color Of Hair: Long Smooth Black Hair

    Color Of Eyes: Yellow Wolf Eyes

    Length Of Hair: Down To Her Waist

    Appearance: Kenta has yellow wolf eyes and has long smooth black hair that goes down to her waist. If Kenta is a full grown adult, she is 5'6 feet tall and weighs 135 pounds, (fit) and her breast size and an impressive 34 D. If she is a Saiyan, she will have a Saiyan tail around her waist. If she is a Loboaiyjin, she will have a brown wolf tail. In the Drogon Universe, the space Werewolves are called Loboaiyjins. However, depending on the story she's in, she can be a normal Werewolf. Loboaiyjins is the Drogons' counterpart to the Saiyans.

    Abilities: Kenta is a skilled fighter, and depending on the story she's in, she can be a force to be reckoned with. If highly trained, she can fly, and shoot energy blasts from her hands. She has average strength, but her speed and agility make up for that. Because of her cute looks, her opponents easily underestimate her, which would be their downfall. She also happens to have a high IQ, even back when she was a kid. Which is impressive, even for a Saiyan/Loboaiyjin. When looking at the full moon, Kenta will turn into a great ape or a werewolf, depending on the story she's in. When Kenta turns into a great ape or a werewolf, she is able to maintain her reasoning but loses the ability to talk. If she does try to talk in her Great Ape/Werewolf form, all that comes out are growls and barks, which she only barks if she's a Werewolf, NOT a great ape.

    Personality: Kenta happens to be mature for her age, and for her race. She hates it when people around her who are foolish and only do things for themselves. She also hates perverts. Depending on the story she's in, Kenta can be kind, but firm. In the story, The Four Warriors Of The Universe, she can be seen being jealous of other girls who happen to be more developed than her, despite the fact that they are older than her and that she's still a kid comparing to them. She also can't stand seeing people who claim to be in love with someone when they barely know anything about them. She can also be seen being more mature than her older sister Emily, who sometimes she acts like the older sister to Emily when it should be the other way around. Kenta can be a kind and polite girl, but when it comes to eating, she has a habit of throwing her table manners out the window, just like any other Saiyan/Loboaiyjin. She is also a tomboy, so she is never seen any girl clothes, and if asked, she will never wear a skirt. But if she is forced to wear a skirt, she will wear a pair of shorts underneath, not wanting anyone to take a peek under her skirt. Just like any other Saiyan/Loboaiyjin, Kenta enjoys fighting, training, eating, reading, studying, and sleeping. She also enjoys training even more if she has a sparring partner who can keep up with her. Sometimes, the girl in her will show and will try on some new clothes as a hobby.

    Occupation: Depends on the story she's in, but in the story, The Four Warriors Of The Universe, she is currently a student at Elementary School and happens to be the top student in her class.

    Likes: Fighting, training, eating, reading, studying and sleeping.

    Dislikes: Doesn't like it when people don't act their age. Girls who are more developed than her. (Depending on her age)

    Hates: Her older sister Emily. (Sometimes) Hates perverts. People who are foolish and only do things for themselves. Hates seeing people who claim to be in love with someone when they barely know anything about them.

    Hobbies: Fighting, training, eating, reading, studying and sleeping. Trying on some new clothes.

    Origin Story: Depends on the story she's in. However, in the story, The Four Warriors Of The World, she was sent to Earth in a space pod from planet Loboaiyjin when she was a baby. Since then, she was adopted and raised by the Ovilan family.

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