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    Hello, NightLover145 here!

    I love a lot of things, including anime, cartoons and games. 

    Completed Stories: 

    1. Captive to Her Needs (Saint Tail)

    2. A Sinner's Sin (Saint Tail) 

    3. Forbidden Love (Sister Act) 

    4. Killing Time (Wizards of Waverly Place)

    Ongoing Stories {Status}: 

    1. "Classic" Damsel-in-Distress (Saint Tail) {On Haitus}

    2. Keeping It a Secret (Saint Tail) {On Haitus}

    3. Dangerous Way of Living (Trigun) {On Haitus}

    Upcoming Stories: 

    1. Burning Red (Saint Tail) 

    2. Untitled My Hero Academia Project

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