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    I'm a driver.

    I always wanted to be a writer, but had this idea that my stories had to be perfect and I never got anything started as a result.

    I kept coming to sites like these looking for specific types of fics that, alas, nobody had written. On a lark I decided to write one myself. I didn't take it even remotely seriously (let's face it, erotica isn't typically considered high art), but lo and behold I was suddenly getting words on the page, and having fun doing it.

    If you keep coming here looking for a fic that nobody's written, open up your word processor of choice and write it yourself. If you don't know how to get started, lay out some broad strokes and add details until it comes together. Don't get caught up in making the perfect story because perfect stories don't get written. Do it for the joy of writing.

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