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    Hi! My name is Somburliss, and I write erotica. My stories feature female protagonists and are usually written in second-person (you, your, you're). The main characters in my stories are often embarrassed, humiliated, and/or fucked. Regardless, the writing maintains a fairly light tone, and violence is kept to a minimum.

    My linear stories will be listed on this site. However, I've done a fair bit of writing on another site, It's an excellent platform for Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Please take a look at any of the stories below if you're interested.

    Pokemon Master or Bust! - Emilia seeks to escape her role as the town whore by becoming a Pokemon Master and finally gaining the respect she deserves. But will she succeed? Or will she end up stuck in a similar role once again?

    My "flagship" story. It's already over 100 chapters and I'm not even halfway done. There's plenty of reading for those who want the plot, and a Chapter Select option at the bottom of the first chapter, for those who want to cut straight to the action. The story path is mostly linear, with choices along the way that can lead to many different Bad Ends for Emilia.

    Rainy Day - Chloe and Elaine have plans to go on a date, but the weather has other ideas. Instead, they play a game of hide-and-seek in Elaine's house. With sexual stakes for the loser, of course.

    This story plays something like a game, making use of CHYOA's Game Mode. You play as Chloe and pick 3 different hiding spots. Different spots elapse different amounts of time before you're caught, and you get a smut scene of Elaine catching you after each one. If your spots add up to 15 minutes or more, you win. If not, you lose. There are smut scenes for either outcome. Unlike some of my other writing, this is not non-con because Chloe and Elaine are in a consensual relationship. But there are still elements of Dom/sub.

    Supervillain vs Superbullies - A new supervillain arrives on the scene, ready to make her mark. Unfortunately, her timid nature and small endowment get her bullied by the local superheroines as they defeat her over and over. Some people just aren't cut out for being villains, but it won't stop our adorable futanari protagonist from trying.

    Futa warning. This story is moving a bit slow at the moment, but will eventually have more branching going on than my other stories. It will have 3 routes, one for each of the three superheroines who bully the poor futanari supervillain.

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