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    Hi guys!

    This profile is sort of my backup for my regular FF account but but I'll try to update as soon as possible.

    Here are a few new stories I will be doing in the near future:

    A Secret Romance out in the Open: Rukia is secretly in love with Unohana. When the two meet at night to have steamy fun, Unohana shows Rukia her wild side. UnohanaXRukia.

    Captured Kitty: Yoruichi is captured by Kageroze and handed over to Reigai Unohana, who wants to have deviant fun with her captive. ReigaiUnohanaXYoruichi!

    Ash and Snow: Through a mixup by Nemu, Rukia takes pills that gives her body a certain...modification. One that Rangiku is more than willing to give it a test run. RangikuXRukia! Futa! 

    Dark Blizzard: Set after Fade to Black. Rukia is plagued by her darker ego and learns what it means to become one with herself. RukiaXDarkRukia.

    Fun in Hell: Set during Hell Verse. Ichigo has defeated Kokuto but was unable to break Rukia's Hell chains. Before he's forced to leave her in Hell, Ichigo fulfills Rukia's last wish. 

    Rukia Vs. Espada: A series of One-Shots where Rukia finds herself confronted by the devious Espada. RukiaXEspada!


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