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    A list of the chosen and their crest powers from my universe.  Feel free to use these, or the concept with your own powers if you want.


    Taichi – courage – brave heart:

    Whenever taking a risk, Taichi can activate this power to gain a change of critical success or chance of critical failure.  There is no middle ground.   Chance of success normally higher than failure.  Once a failure occurs it is locked in, which can not be changed.


    Yamato – friendship – selfless friends:

     All of Yamato’s friends have a high aversion to ‘betraying’ him.  A betrayal can range from talking behind his back, to not inviting him to a party, to shooting down an activity Yamato wishes to do.  A friend can still ‘betray’ Yamato, but they will become physically ill from the guilt.  Yamato does not control this power.


    Sora – love – love changes people:

    When people close to Sora perform an action, she can choose to either encourage or discourage that action without their knowing.  In doing so she can reinforce certain behaviors.

    Explanation: Sora’s crest is often portrayed in the show as a parental love, juxtaposing her relationship with her mother and Sora’s relationship with Piyomon, so I picked a power that felt more parental than romantic.


    Koushirou – knowledge – knowledge is power:

    When researching a new topic, Koushirou will always make a significant breakthrough.  The subject does not matter, it could be quantum physics or entrée dishes or gossip.  Breakthrough.


    Mimi – purity – pure intent:

    Can force those around her to tell the truth and reveal their intentions.


    Jou, - Faith – put your faith in me:

    When Jou desires to do something and at least one person close to him also desires jou to do that same thing then Jou can, if he chooses, become hyper competent at that thing for as long as he has support.  No downside to accepting.


    Takeru – Hope – everything you hoped for:

    Takeru can see the surface hopes of the people around him and choose to make those hopes come true.  The hopes do not have to obey the laws of causality or physics.


    Hikari – light – shhh

    It’s a secret ;)


    Daisuke – Miracles – little miracles

    If an outside observer believes it ridiculous that Daisuke can do A, and since he can’t even do A he’d never be able to do B, then by accomplishing A Daisuke can make certain b will happen.  This power can not self-chain:

    Ex: if Daisuke’s team is playing the top ranked team in the tournament, and Takeru believes that they will not even be able to score one goal, let alone win the game.  Then if Daisuke scores a goal and uses his power his team will win. If he uses his power to win the game, then he will not be able to use the fact he won the game in order to use his power to win a tournament.


    Ken – kindness – a kind soul

    When the goal is helping others, Ken becomes hyper-competent.  Requires verbal consent and the endgame must be the help, can not win a million dollars to pay for a friends twelve-dollar lunch.  Otherwise creativity is tolerated.  


    Miyako – passion – burning passion

    Miyako can inspire others with a passion for certain actions or situations.  However, the intensity of the passion will fade if the person does not naturally enjoy the subject Miyako forced them to be passionate in.


    Iori – ??? – ???

    Due to the nature of my story he does not get a crest power and thus I never thought of it.  Unlike Miyako I can’t find an easy ‘fandom’ crest for him.  Suggestions welcome.


    Meiko – Libra – instant karma:

    Has the ability to judge someone based on their actions in the last 18.2 hours.  The subject will get a fitting reward or punishment based on their actions.  Can only be used once per person per week.

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