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    Hello all! I don't have much to say, I'm a university student, and I love to write Inuyasha fanfiction stories. All of my stories, every. last. single. one. takes place in an omegaverse unless stated otherwise. I love omegaverse stories, I have a lot more freedom to do what I want.


    ALSO!!! My stories are most likely the most up to date on fanfiction. I'm really bad about updating here mainly because it's a bit tedious to do so. If I've forgotten to update here, or you think I might have, just shoot me a message and it'll get sent to my email and I'll confirm or deny whether I have something.


    I'm trying to conclude all of my stories this year so I cna write new ones next year! I'm so excited! So, all of my current stories will most likely get their endings, including the old ones that haven't updated in a while! I just have a hard time ending stories, it's a bit of an anxiety which is what's currently happening to Bad Boys in Black! but the final chapter to that should be up soon. Hopefully before November, or I might end up updating every other story to procrastinate lol!!

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