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    Hello everyone, this is Haunter Rayne.

    I'm a 32 year old amature writer. Even though I'm a few years out of practice by now I've been writing since I was a kid. However I have never tried my hand at fanfiction before. I've loved reading fanfiction for the last decade but I've only ever written my own stories with my own characters. So any reviews you have for my stories would be greatly appreciated. 

    Some of my favorite fandoms are, but not limited to: 1) Final Fantasy, namely anything with Lulu, Paine or the FFVIII crew. 2) Harry Potter, namely anything with the Marauders. 3) Pokémon,  namely anything with teeth, anything that can swallow whole, or as you probably guessed it, Haunter.

    Even though I do love a good adventure romance between characters most of my writing posted here will probably be more related heavy fetish one shots with Pokémon or animalistic characters because that is what I also enjoy reading about. These can usually range from topics of rape, vore, death, incest, multiple partners, mutilation, and others. I do take requests. 

    My email address is and I welcome all questions, comments, opinions, requests and conversations. 

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