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    • OTP: AsuKira (Athrun x Kira from Gundam Seed)
    • OT4: Athrun x Kira x Cagalli x Lacus

    Other Favorite Pairings:

    Gundam Seed

    • Kira x Lacus
    • AsuCaga / Athrun x Cagalli
    • Dearka x Yzak
    • Dearka x Miriallia
    • Kira x Cagalli
    • Lacus x Cagalli


    • GrimmIchi / Grimmjow x Ichigo
    • Renji x Ichigo
    • Ichigo x Rukia
    • Ichigo x Rukia x Renji

    Sword Art Online

    • Kazuto x Asuna
    • Kazuto x Suguha

    Character Quizzes

    Here are my favorite fandoms of all time and the list of corresponding characters that I am apparently most like

    • Gundam Seed-Cagalli Yula Athha
    • Bleach-Rukia Kuchiki
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender-Iroh
    • Sword Art Online-Kazuto Kirigaya
    • Attack on Titan-Sasha Braus

    Hmmm, these seem slightly inconsistant...just saying. I'm not sure how that happened ;P

    Random Extra Bits

    I just finished Simone de Beauvoir's mammoth of a book The Second Sex, so I present one particularly ruthless quote for you all:

    "And without a doubt, it is more comfortable to work for one's liberation than to seek freedom from blind bondage. The dead, too, are better suited to the earth than the living."

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