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    I write fun stories with some plot and intrigue to move the depraved sex along. I welcome fan feedback and constructive feedback. Love the stories? Leave a comment, it is the easiest way to keep the creative motivation flowing and want to write more and more. The more comments, the more I write, and everyone is happy.

    This profile is for darker stories that can't be posted on my Literotica Account found here: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=1223037

    I also setup an account on Hentai Foundry under the WIRProductions name, so if you see the Harem Heroines stories there under it, it is legit and me.

    Want to reach out to me with feedback, suggestions or complaints? You can message me anonymously through my Literotica profile. You can alternatively reach me at my email: wirproductions69@gmail.com

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