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  • Love’s Healing Flame
    Erestor/Glorfindel. For the past six weeks of Erestor’s life, if it could go wrong, it has. Already buried in a backlog of work, the burdens and disasters keep piling on Erestor’s plate. Despite all this, he forges on, never one to give in or give up easily. Then when a series of disastrous and emotionally draining events happen in Erestor’s personal life, he slowly beings to crack under the pressure. Can one certain elf lord help Erestor re-discover his self worth?
    Located : -Fourth Age to Modern times and beyond > AU - Alternate Universe
    Content Tags : Abuse Angst Bi Bigotry ChallengeFic COMPLETE HC Humil MM Other SH Tort Violence
    Posted : 2022-03-29 -:- Edited : 2022-09-07 06:30:30 -:- (0)Read Reviews -:- Views : 370 -:- Recommendations : 0 -:- Currently Reading : 0

  • Blossoming Hearts
    Glorfindel/Elladan, Elrohir/Erestor (background). Glorfindel and Elladan have always been good friends, but when Elladan oversleeps and misses a practice session with Glorfindel, he gets more than he bargains for.
    Located : +Third Age > Slash - Male/Male
    Content Tags : ChallengeFic MM Other Tort
    Posted : 2021-12-06 -:- Edited : 2022-09-07 06:30:08 -:- (0)Read Reviews -:- Views : 366 -:- Recommendations : 0 -:- Currently Reading : 0

  • From Broken Endings to New Beginnings
    Erestor finds Lindir cold and alone after The Battle at Dagorlad, befriends him, and leads him home to Imladris after the War. While Lindir seems to be settling into the Hidden Valley, secrets hidden in his past come back to haunt him. Can Lindir’s family and friends help him confront his past and create a new future before it all fades to nothing? Lindir/Thranduil, Thranduil/OFC, Glorfindel/Erestor
    Located : -Multi-Age > AU - Alternate Universe
    Content Tags : Abuse Anal Angst ChallengeFic HC HJ MiCD MM OC Oral Violence
    Posted : 2021-12-06 -:- Edited : 2022-09-07 06:29:39 -:- (0)Read Reviews -:- Views : 297 -:- Recommendations : 0 -:- Currently Reading : 0

  • Frozen Heart
    For Elrohir it was love at first sight. He had found his soulmate. Everything was perfect and they were so happy in love. Why then was he now suffering of a heart turned to ice? When his lover walks away with no word, no goodbye, Elrohir struggles with how he will go on. Can he come to terms with all that has happened before all is lost? Not everything is necessarily as it appears to be. A story of love found, love lost, betrayal and the question if a frozen heart can be melted. Elrohir/Legolas, Erestor/Glorfindel (background), Arwen/Aragon (background)
    Located : -Fourth Age to Modern times and beyond > AU - Alternate Universe
    Content Tags : MM Anal HJ Oral
    Posted : 2019-08-11 -:- Edited : 2022-09-07 06:28:53 -:- (0)Read Reviews -:- Views : 1161 -:- Recommendations : 0 -:- Currently Reading : 0

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