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    Just a writer with a knack for erotic fiction. Most of my content focuses on taboo fetishes but I write vanilla/romance as well.
    Contact me at manta0917@yahoo.com or Discord The0man#2195 (preferred method) and we'll create a story you can enjoy

    Links - (the majority of my work can be found on HF - 30+ stories)
    Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/0manproductions
    Chyoa - https://chyoa.com/user/abominable0man
    HFoundry - hentai-foundry.com/user/The-Abominable-O-Man/profile

    .03 cents per word for stories under 10k words
    .04 cents per word for anything longer
    The minimum for stories is 1000 words

    COMMISSIONS OPEN! (Slots are limited)

    I DO NOT write guro or scat
    I will write m/m or futa stories, but only on a case-by-case basis
    I reserve the right to say no if a commission subject is out of my depth to write about well.

    I enjoy writing
    Vanilla/Romance, Degradation/Humiliation, Cum on Clothes, Straight Shota*, Bukkake, Gokkun, Excessive Cum, Gangbangs, Exhibitionism, ENF, Beauty&Slob Pairs, Bestiality, Smegma, Cockbreath, Hard Facials, Double Penetration, Dubious Consent, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Hyper/Micro Cocks, Goth/Emo Girls, Free Use, Reality Warp, Cum Inflation, Dirty Talk, Saliva, Pubes, Gross/Detailed Cum, Cum Vomiting, Misogyny, Rule34, Impregnation, Cheating, and Bad Ends.

    *Will only write at an increased rate, since I can't publish SS

    My Process
    I can usually write at least 2k words in a day, so obviously the more words you'd like, the longer it'll take to complete. I expect 50% payment up front before I start and when I do I'll send you a story summary to see if you like the direction it's going or have any more details to request.
    Once the story is complete I'll send you the unedited rough draft for final revisions. 
    From here I expect the rest of the payment, and will send you the edited and complete story.

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