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    Hey yall, my name is Omniarch-1024 and a year or two ago I joined with the intention of redefining the concept of so called godlike, omnipotent characters while still making for an interesting story. The key I find is to make the challenges and foes they face equal to or even surpassing what they're capable of. A lot of godlike writers who do that sort of thing either don't understand the mechanics of omnipotence or don't know how unknowingly snooty or Mary-Sue-ish they make their characters, or God forbid both. A friend of mine on Fanfiction pointed out to me that there a few really well written stories that are lucky to get 100 favorites or likes whereas there are hundreds of poorly written ones that get like thousands. In recent months I've started noticing the seriously falling standards of the Fanfiction site, such as the almost complete lack of any action taken by the admins there when you make a formal complaint against somebody; to things like flaming reviews or trolls that frankly should not be tolerated at all. I'm glad to know that this site exists and that you have such policies because frankly I've had problems with people not appreciating my one-of-a-kind stories.

    I've still got an account with Fanfiction and will update my stories on both sites but if this one checks out I'll be prioritizing it first and foremost. The only reason I stuck around Fanfiction was for the select few really good friends I made on that site, but hopefully I can find some new people who appreciate my particular brand of writing on this site. Anyways I plan to incorporate all of my stories from to this site, and continue updating them and adding to my own personal Fanfiction totality on this site first and foremost. For those of you who don't know me, I'm an omniverse theorist, avid Amourshipper, and a highly outside-of-the-box thinker so keep that in mind when you decide to read my stories lol. Anyways I'll end this bio page by adding the mechanics and what not from my stories and the portion of totality they're located in.

    Mega Evolution Mechanics and Trainer Ranking Mechanics:

    Rookie/Average Trainer/Gym Leaders: Permitted to use one Mega Evolution per battle, can carry teams of up to 6 Pokemon but no more, and typically Pokemon can know no more than four moves at a time unless special permission is granted by a Pokemon League Official.

    Elite Level Trainer/Elite Four Members/Battle Frontier Brains/Others: Can Mega Evolve up to 3 Pokemon, can carry teams of up to 15 Pokemon but no more. Can capture pseudo-legends without fear of Scrutiny and even the less powerful legends, but capturing a Mew, Lugia, or any of the other super legends could make them seen as potential targets and/or threats.

    Champion Level Trainer/Regional Champions: Can mega evolve any number of Pokemon, even if every Pokemon in party has a mega stone. Can carry up to 30 Pokemon and with the permission of the Pokemon League can carry all Pokemon in entire collection with them, provided they can properly care for and manage more than 30 Pokemon. Can capture any Pokemon without fear of scrutiny, including legendary Pokemon and the like.

    Legendary Trainer/Undisputed World Champion/Pokemon Master: Can Mega Evolve every mega evolved Pokemon in party, can carry as many Pokemon as they want. The Pokemon Master is able to change the laws of any and all of the regional Pokemon Leagues on a whim, can hold tournaments anytime he or she wants with any rules he or she wants. World Champion is head of world security and the secret boss of every official organization and Pokemon league, able to overthrow the Pokemon League President and appoint a new one if current one is not up to standards. They are the head of the International Police, the Pokemon Rangers, the Pokemon G-Men, and every other Pokemon League approved affiliation. Can capture any Pokemon he or she chooses without questioning from anybody, and is even permitted the buy stocks of the ever coveted master balls, which are only made available to trainers who show true promise, courage, honesty, and valor.

    Omega Omnisphere Champion/Pokemon Master of Totality/Totality's Mightiest and Greatest Pokemon Masters: The ultimate pinnacle and supreme example of Pokemon champions both regional and global alike throughout the entire Ultra-Verse and by extension the totality of existence itself. Can and probably does carry rosters of literally infinite numbers of Pokemon species both known and unknown, Fakemon and all legendary Pokemon, and those Pokemon are capable of being completely unique even by the level infinity standards of their species. Trainers of this caliber make a career out of flattening countless world champion level trainers on a daily basis, and are considered the most omnipotent gods of Pokemon battling, coordinating, and/or Pokemon showcases of all beings in totality. Can Mega Evolve and Primal Revert ANY and ALL Pokemon species, even if said Pokemon species are normally incapable of mega evolution. Can completely reprogram their Pokemon to have any and all abilities, powers, moves, and the like, even if said abilities are impossible or moves are incompatible with the Pokemon themselves. Omega Omnisphere Champions are expected to be willing to play by a completely different set of rules and methods completely outside the normal system of UV battling on sheer principle, and all of them have at least one level infinity Omni Type Pokemon aside from Ascension Form Arceus.

    Fully Trained Pokemon- Powers and Abilities: (Note: Something I feel I needed to point out recently, in my personal Pokemon multiverse all fully trained Pokemon are level 100 but not all level 100 Pokemon are fully trained. Fully trained Pokemon technically have a level value of infinity instead of 100, but for simplicity's sake I capped the level value at a maximum of one hundred. Even if any level 100 Pokemon is an actuality level 500, level 1000, level 10, 000, and so on and so forth, I just decided to cap it at 100, but that doesn't mean all level 100 Pokemon are fully trained right off the bat. Once they reach level 100 their stats and power levels can still rise infinitely beyond what they are the moment they reach level 100. Also, Pokemon are considered level 100 in my stories once they reach a stat total of a googolplex, which is one of the highest numbers known to mankind, aside from Transfinite numbers and what not. Pokemon with a transfinite level value are classified as incalculable)

    (Updated Information as of October 11, 2015: A new idea just occurred to me out of the blue about how I could use my absurd stat system to still compare a Pokemon's natural speed, strength, defense, etc compared to other Pokemon species. Once again I have my old pal Dimension Distorter to thank for helping me think of this brilliant idea and felt compelled to add it here. First off, while it is true a Pokemon transcends all of his natural strengths and weaknesses upon reaching level infinity there is always a certain level of natural strength for each species comparatively before reaching a level of infinity itself. Now I figure the best way to explain this information is to give you all an example of what I mean.

    So say a Pokemon, doesn't matter what species, has around 50 thousand or so speed like I mentioned Dedenne having in my first story's most recent update; well that could mean anything from around reaching a top speed of 50 thousand feet per hour or even per day for really naturally slow Pokemon like Snorlax, to literally 50 thousand mega-parsecs per Planck time for ultra fast Pokemon like Speed Form Deoxys, meaning that even with only 50 thousand speed Deoxys's speed is already expanded into the realm of complete absurdity but whatever. My Point is all Pokemon regardless of species become infinitely strong, infinitely fast, and almighty examples of their species in every way that they possibly can upon reaching a level of infinity, but before reaching that point the stat value of a Pokemon can mean completely different maximum speed and strength outputs or different levels of durability depending on the species, even if the stat value between two different species is numbered at 50 thousand it could mean any unit of speed or strength measurement for both of them. Literally the stat calculation system gives a number of 50 thousand speed for any Pokemon capable of reaching 50 thousand speed of any type or variety, be it 50 thousand feet per day or something completely absurd like what Speed Form Deoxys can pull off and shit. Anyways hopefully now you all understand the stat calculating systems a little bit better and this way a Pokemon's natural abilities come into play to as compared to other species; at least until they reach level infinity which not all of them do)

    -Absolute Strength (Each and every fully trained Pokemon possesses absolutely limitless raw physical strength, regardless of species, rendering them capable of shattering planets with single punches, kicks, or swats from their tails, depending on species. Every muscle in their bodies is boundless in muscle strength, and there is absolutely nothing they can't lift, throw, etc. Even casual blows from Fully trained Pokemon are more often than not measured in megatons of force)

    -Absolute Speed (Can move at any speed they want, physics and the G-Force be damned, can even move at infinite speeds and exist absolutely everywhere at once. This speed is also present during the execution of every one of their attacks and can only be limited through almighty stat reducing moves, also has unrestricted motion enabling them to run across any terrain, any plane or any type of space as though it were ground, including frictionless surfaces, water, outer space, and even air, they can run across ever-changing shifting extra-dimensional terrains or even across the infinite expanse of the Omnisphere itself, their motion absolutely impossible to disrupt)

    -Absolute Attack (Infinite offensive powers in every one of their powers, abilities, and attacks, able to OHKO entire armies of lesser Pokemon with even their weakest moves. Only Pokemon with absolute defense can hope to nullify the force of such attacks. Any Pokemon with offensive moves like flame body, poison point, and the like have them at an infinite potency, IE infinitely toxic poisoning status from Poison point, the Planck temperature and potentially even hotter temperatures from flame body, and so on and so forth. Similarly, status moves have this same potency; though both they and the abilities of the Pokemon are this potent against level 100 adversaries, since anything less than that would be instantly killed. Also, outside of battle, these abilities are pretty much null, and humans are perfectly capable of touching them. Powers such as psychic powers from psychic types, and the vast powers of legendary Pokemon are likewise at an infinite offensive power level)

    -Absolute Defense (Same as Absolute Attack, only with defense instead, all powers, abilities, and attacks that involve defense are enhanced to infinite levels, and only absolute attacks, infinitely potent status moves and offensive abilities can hurt them, as well as almighty defense reduction)

    -Absolute Special Abilities (Infinite potency in the special abilities of any and all fully trained Pokemon, which can have all kinds of amazing affects. Fully trained Pokemon with magic guard are completely immune to status moves, even all-powerful ones whereas a fully trained Pokemon without it would still be hurt by this. Mold breaker and similar abilities are capable of breaking through any other to damage opposing Pokemon fully, including all-powerful Sturdy users,Wonderguard users, and the like. Fully trained Pokemon with status afflicting abilities possess these abilities at a boundless potency, capable of killing off Pokemon if they aren't level 100 or higher, such as static which can completely immobilize an opponent throughout the entire battle if not dealt with, poison point which deals infinitely toxic poison, etc. Abilities like Wonderguard are enhanced to infinite levels, rendering Pokemon completely immune to all moves, even all-powerful ones except for all-powerful super effective moves, though all-powerful Mold Breaking Pokemon can negate this. Abilities that affect the climate and weather affect it on a boundless level, examples being endless extreme sunlight in both almighty Drought and Desolate Land users, all-powerful wind currents that move faster than any natural wind on earth in almighty Delta Stream users. These and any and all other weather related abilities of fully trained Pokemon are unending and ceaseless, virtually impossible to change or alter, only other fully trained Pokemon with abilities like this can change the weather patterns imposed by almighty Pokemon)

    -Absolute Legendary Super Powers (Legendary Pokemon are, upon reaching a level of infinity, able to tap into various almighty super powers that have nothing to do with their everyday battling moves and abilities and are not prone to any weaknesses whatsoever. Supreme Omnipotence is normally only achievable to the likes of Ascension form Arceus, Primal Dialga, Primal Palkia, Mega Giratina, Mega Mewtwo Z, Mew, Primal Yveltal, Primal Xerneas, Mega Zygarde X, Y, and Z, Unlimited Kyurem, and Omninoir, though there are certainly exceptions such as the Altomare Latias from the 9999th Pokemon universe. Regular Dialga and Celebi gain Meta-Time manipulation and Omni-Chrono perception upon reaching level infinity enhanced to an almighty, Omniversal scale, Palkia gains Meta-Space manipulation, Dragon God physiology, and Omni-Dimensional Perception, whereas Giratina gains Meta Anti-Matter Manipulation enhanced to an omniversal scale, both dragon god and transcendent ghost physiology, omnicide, irreversible death, and other such powers. Yveltal possesses nearly all destructive abilities enhanced to absolute levels aside from destructive omnipotence, which is what it's Primal form has. Xerneas possesses maximum quintessential force, omnificence genesis, absolute immortality and eternal life inducement, and the likes, whereas it's Primal forms has Omni-Creator powers, Monotheistic Deity Physiology, Meta Ability Creation, omnificence and omnificence genesis, and any and all other creation powers enhanced to absolute levels.

    Meloetta gains almighty omnitone abilities, enabling her to speak, sing, whisper, yell, hum, etc, in any pitch or tone. They can create sound waves and/or residences capable of shaking the entire Omniverse apart, speak in the literal word of God; possess Omni-Linguality, and literally every sound based power at absolute, almighty levels. She also has supreme Vocifery powers enabling her to always speak what is right and true; even if what she says is utter nonsense reality itself will bend to her whims to create exactly the conditions needed to render her infallible with every word spoken. Meloetta's main super power however is Meta Music Manipulation, enabling her to achieve any effect on any scale and/or magnitude through her unlimited powers of music. Darkrai has Omni-Sleep Inducement and Omni-Nightmare Inducement enhanced to omniversal, omnipresent levels enabling them to affect everyone all at once as well as any person individually. Cresselia has boundless awakening enhanced to omniversal, omnipresent levels as well enabling her to reverse the effects of Darkrai's absolute sleep inducing powers every time. Other than that though, those who are stricken by Darkrai's power shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber.

    Omninoir obviously has destructive omnipotence, Anti-God/Primordial Void physiology, and even omniscience and every transcendent physiology enhanced to omnipotent levels, not to mention his own share of omnificence and other such powers. Mew, Ascension form Arceus, and Mega Mewtwo Z are the Omni-Embodiment of every physiology in totality, enhanced to absolute levels; they are literally the supreme paragons and almighty examples of every and any species, capable of becoming an almighty version of any/every divine, transcendent, nigh omnipotent, or omnipotent physiology in the Omega Omnisphere. They also possess Complete Arsenal, Meta Power Creation/Manipulation, and every/any other omnipotent power and physiology in totality, so they are literally supremely omnipotent in every sense and aspect. Uxie literally achieves omniscience upon becoming fully trained, Mesprit gains total control over the Emotional Spectrum of the Omniverse, and Azelf becomes of being of infinite willpower, possessing the literal will of God.

    Hoopa gains transcendent, almighty genie powers upon taking on its Unbound form and gains absolute wish granting powers and absolute Omni-Magical capabilities as well as limitless shape shifting powers on top of its meta summoning and meta teleportation abilities; that makes it enormously powerful. Zekrom, Zapdos, and electric type Arceus gain absolute, omni-electrical energy manipulation enabling them to manipulate any and all types, variants, and forms of electrical energy in totality on an infinite level. Fire type legends such as Moltres, Ho-Oh, Reshiram and Primal Groudon gain absolute, omni-fire manipulation allowing them to control any and all forms, variants, and types of fire throughout totality on an absolute level, as well as almighty blaze enabling them to burn absolutely everything into nonexistence on a subatomic level; Articuno and Kyurem in all of its forms gain absolute, omni-ice manipulation as well as almighty, absolute freeze, enabling them to freeze everything to absolute zero or even colder. On top of that, Ho-Oh has nigh omniscience, omni-chrono Perception, Omni Perception, and Omni Senses enhanced to an Omniversal scale enabling them to sense literally everything in totality that isn't Omni-locked outside of all things.

    Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza all gain Omni-elemental manipulation enabling them to control any and all elements and elemental forces throughout the Omniverse on an absolute, almighty level; including but not limited to every single element on the entire periodic table and every element not on it as well. They can bend all forms of earth, liquid, air/gas, etc on a limitless scale, depth, and magnitude. Ho-Oh can not only see infinite possible futures in infinite universes, but also gains Omni-senses and omni perception enabling it to perceive and sense literally everything in the Omega Omnisphere that isn't omnipotent or omni-locked outside of existence. Jirachi can grant absolute wishes which can achieve literally any and all wishes no matter how impossible, so that only omnipotent beings can override them. Victini has meta power creation/absolute, omni power/energy augmentation enabling it to create and augment any and all forms of power and energy to omnipotent levels. On top of that, it's meta ability creation gives it the ability to help its allies achieve victory over literally any and all opponents, always giving them the needed power and versatility to guarantee victory against any, non omnipotent opponent.

    Deoxys has transcendent alien physiology enhanced to a limitless godlike scale on top of Psycho-Omnipotence. Any and all fighting type legends, including the swords of justice and Mega Mewtwo X, have ultimate fighting capabilities rendering them infinitely skilled in any and all fields of combat, almighty martial artists skills and abilities of any and all kinds, absolute athleticism, Omni-slayer capabilities enabling them to fight with and even kill off entire legions of godlike beings or opponents that are otherwise virtually unbeatable, though omnipotent deities are out of their league and cannot possibly be killed or fended off with this ability alone. Any and all pyschic type legends, including Deoxys, Lugia, Mewtwo, Mew, Latias, Latios, and others, are also capable of possessing psycho-omnipotence or unlimited powers of the mind; bestowing them with absolute IQ, Infinite Mindscape, Nigh omniscience, full omniscience, the literal Will of God, limitless psionic and telekinetic powers of any and all kinds including Omni-Mystokinesis enabling them to achieve the same infinitely miraculous effects as almighty magic users though in a different way. With enough training, Mewtwo in even its normal form can achieve total mastery over all magic and mystical/supernatural forces with just its omnipotent mind, its psycho-omnipotence alone)

    -Near-Limitless Indestructibility and Immunity (Flawlessly indestructible on a nigh omnipotent scale, only capable of being hurt by other Pokemon with any absolute attack, and impervious to nearly all physical damage even outside of battle. Completely immune to any attack, super effective or otherwise that isn't infinitely powerful, completely immune to any status move or ability that doesn't have absolute attack power, completely immune to any and all stat reduction moves that aren't also all-powerful in magnitude, can still faint or lose their limitless HP if hit by moves like Endeavor, Destiny Bond OHKO moves, and other such moves, can still be blocked by all-powerful protects, detects, and other moves that negate damage. Immunity to certain things becomes infinite with the right abilities, the magic guard ability of a fully trained Pokemon like mega Diancie or Espeon renders such Pokemon immune to any and all status moves, even all-powerful ones)

    -Perfect Techniques/Moves (Every attack delivered by fully trained Pokemon is unavoidable to any target that isn't likewise fully trained, possessing limitless amounts of any positive side effects while ignoring any negative effects. Examples of this are overheat and draco meteor not reducing the special attack stat, and moves like protect working an infinite number of times in succession and being almost totally impenetrable, moves are also able to strike opponents that are normally immune to that specific types, but only if the opponent isn't fully trained. An example of this is a fully trained normal type hitting a non fully trained ghost type with a normal type move)

    -Infinite Energy/Pure Pokepower (Every fully trained Pokemon has an endless well of pure energy inside them to invest into all of their attacks, abilities, and their speed; they never tire and never run short of reserves to draw upon, even if they execute all-powerful attacks over and over again. A level infinity Pokemon of any species never tires, never sleeps nor needs to eat, not even needing to breathe oxygen and able to survive on their own infinite energy alone. Legendary Pokemon that are trained to this level have infinite energy to invest into their legendary powers as well, an example being Dialga and Palkia's reality-warping powers, which would increase to infinite levels when they become fully trained)

    Omni-Type (Exclusive only to a select few number of Pokemon upon reaching level infinity, including Ascension form Arceus who is the original Omni-Type Pokemon in the UV. This is an exceedingly overpowered ability and any level infinity Pokemon with fully mastered abilities such as Protean or Color Change or who have mastered moves like Reflect Type to the point where they're able to Reflect All Types at once, are able to become naturally attuned to every Pokemon type in existence and be compatible with every move even if normally incompatible with their typing and species. One of the prime examples in the UV of a Pokemon who gained Omni-typing was Ash Ketchum Infinity's 'Ash Infinity Greninja' who is the strongest Greninja currently in the known Omega Omnisphere. Mega Zygarde Z is also an Omni-Type Pokemon. Pokemon like Mew, Mega Mewtwo Z, and others, while being able to use all existing Pokemon moves, are not naturally perfectly attuned to those moves and are only singular or dual type Pokemon, thus making them still vulnerable to super effective attacks. Omni type Pokemon are even able to use moves like Arceus's Judgement to super effectively damage any and all opposing Pokemon regardless of their type and no Pokemon move in totality is super effective against them in turn, but are in fact not very effective or simply completely ineffective. Omni Type Pokemon are capable of being completely immune to any and all damaging moves throughout the UV, though full powered status moves can still hurt them)

    -Supreme Evasiveness (All fully trained Pokemon can effortlessly dodge any incoming attack aside from the attacks of another fully trained Pokemon with practiced ease, trained to levels of evasiveness that are essentially limitless and renders them almost completely untouchable by any and all means, no matter how limitless those means may be)

    -Infinite Health/Absolute Regeneration (Infinite HP, health, stamina, regenerative powers and instantaneous recovery time, able to instantly heal from any laceration, injury, and completely immune to any and all sicknesses and diseases. They also possess absolute meta restoration and regeneration abilities enabling them to regenerate and reform even if they are broken down into complete nonexistence, regrowing organs and reattaching limbs, even able to repair severed nerves or spinal cords and just all around being almost totally impossible to kill or even hurt. Any phenomena that leads to their absolute destruction and nonexistence is immediately followed by their complete and total regeneration, rebirth, recreation, etc)

    -Complete Movesets (Every level 100 Pokemon of every species can use every move they are capable of using in all six generations of the Pokemon gaming franchise and the anime, including TM moves, HM moves, Egg Moves, Move Tutor Moves, every move they can ever learn while leveling up, pre-evolution moves, and Event Moves; as well as every move that has yet to be revealed in any and all future generations. Examples of this are Ash Ketchum X's Pikachu being able to use surf, fly, extreme speed, and all the moves of the cosplay Pikachu, or Arceus using all of its special event moves like Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, Shadow Force, Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, and others, or Victini using Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, Fusion Flare, V-Create, Fusion Bolt, or Mewtwo using Hurricane, Heal Pulse, Electro Ball, etc. Mew is the one Pokemon species in my whole personal Multiverse with the ability to use every move in existence, past, present, and future, including all OHKO moves, all the signature moves of all legendary Pokemon, the elemental Hyper beams, all status moves, all TM and HM moves, all moves that any and all Pokemon learn while leveling up, all egg moves, and every move in the entire Pokemon universe at boundless levels, bestowing it with an infinite move pool and limitless versatility when fully trained. Mew can also use any Fakemon moves and/or legendary signature moves exclusive to any and all FF verses. Mega Mewtwo Z, Primal Xerneas, Mega Zygarde Z, Ascension Form Arceus, and Unlimited Form Kyurem can all use every move in existence as well, making them infinitely versatile and highly unpredictable)

    -Absolute Immortality/Eternal Longevity and Youth (They possess absolute immortality on an omnipotent level and all of its applications, including Meta regeneration and the likes. Absolutely, fundamentally impossible to kill by any and all means; only an omnipotent being can kill them and even an omni-slaying entity is only able to seriously injure or cripple them beyond repair. Even their absolute destruction on a metaphysical and subatomic level immediately results in their complete restoration)

    -Omnipotence/Ultimate Godhood/Invincibility (Only three known Pokemon in my personal multiverse possess true omnipotence when fully trained, Arceus, Mew, and the Anti-God Pokemon, all three of whom are capable of absolutely everything and anything no matter how impossible or contradictory, their only limits being the ones they create for themselves on a whim. There is actually a fourth Pokemon who possesses this ability, a mega evolved Pokemon I intend to reveal in my next couple of Pokemon stories, but not right now)((Updated Information on this particular power, the list of Pokemon capable of becoming omnipotent when fully trained has increased from 3 to 4, and now all the way to 7, though the number is still subject to change as I get more and more ideas. New omnipotent Pokemon now includes Mega Mewtwo Z, Primal Dialga, Primal Palkia, and Mega Giratina, all of whom have no known revelations in any canon source material and are purely my fan-made versions of the Pokemon that may one day be revealed. I don't feel like waiting around for the new games to come up so have taken the liberty of creating my own versions of each possible Pokemon I believe could or should get a mega evolution, primal reversion, or some new mega evolved form like in Mewtwo's case.

    This list might also expand to include Primal Yveltal, Primal Xerneas, and Zygarde's new forms and its 'Secret Power' once I have hashed out more of their details. Mega Mewtwo Z is genetically identical to Mew, and has access to its full and limitless move pool so long as it retains its Z form, same typing, and is over 10 feet tall with a similar color scheme to Mew as well as a closer resemblance to it in other ways, such as the proportionately huger, skinnier tail which is at least 20 feet long, yet despite this transformation Mega Mewtwo Z still retains its serious demeanor and no nonsense battling attitude. It also gains a new, fan-made ability of my own creation called Absolute Negation, which disables all the known abilities of all other Pokemon, including those of other legendary Pokemon including Groudon and Kyogre's Primal forms, Ascension Form Arceus's Omni-Type Ability which I will describe further down this paragraph, and literally every other ability in existence regardless of what it is. Mega Mewtwo Z also gains a new move in the form of Psycho-Omnipotent Maelstrom, which not only does infinite damage to an infinite number of opponents but also drops all of their stats to zero even if said stats and power levels are infinite, omni-negating all enemy Pokemon and human powers. On top of that it also inflicts the opposing Pokemon with a lethal combination of every status affliction at once, all of them enhanced to absolute levels including the toxicity of their poisoned status, absolute zero freeze status and almighty blaze burn status resulting in the ultimate freezer burn, complete and utter paralysis thus rendering them completely immobile and prisoners in their own body, and eternal sleep inducement for their sleep status. This move is ill advised for use against any opponents that Mewtwo doesn't want dead.

    Primal Dialga and Primal Palkia become about twice their original size in their Primal forms, well over 30 feet tall, with a different color scheming as well. Primal Dialga, instead of having those dark blue veins and diamond on its chest or blood red like its dark counterpart from the Mystery Dungeon Universe, has bright, metallic gold, in both its normal and shiny forms, the rest of its body however remains the same color, same goes for Primal Palkia and its overall colors, its pearls and the parts of its body that are darker pink becoming the same bright gold as P form Dialga. Their abilities also change into another fan-made ability of my own making called Infinity Dome, which allows Primal Dialga, Palkia, and Mega Giratina to automatically create an otherworldly terrain that is not only flawlessly indestructible but is ever present until the end of the battle, rendering any and all other moves and abilities that affect the weather and battling field in any way, shape, or form, including Desolate Land, Primordial Sea, and Delta Stream as well as Trick Room and all other variants completely useless.

    It also affords the new and improved Creation trio infinite versatility and allows them to use every Pokemon move in the Omega Omnisphere, even ones they normally wouldn't be compatible with. Aside from their main battling ability, their vast, godlike, reality-warping powers also experience an exponential increase in power and versatility. They go from being able to control only time and space on an infinite level respectively, to being able to control all of totality, the Omega Omnisphere itself and everything in it on an infinite level, enabling them to become fully omnipotent, within reason of course because in order to prevent an omnipotence paradox from boundlessly eliminating everything in existence or invalidating their own supremacy, they have to have some limitations in place. By definition, there can only be one true wielder of omnipotence in any fictional continuity, hence the Above-All aspect of it, having more than one omnipotent being in the same universe would either A) no longer have either of them be omnipotent since there was a being capable of matching or even surpassing them, thus limiting their powers, B) create an infinite paradox capable of destroying the Omega Omnisphere itself, or C) invalidate their powers and kill them.

    All and all, both Primal Pokemon know this, as do Arceus and all the others, for it is an inescapable, fundamental law of totality, an omniversal constant and one that is applicable to nearly every member of the Omega Omnisphere's Omnipotence Nexus, or ON for short. Dialga's Adamant orb and Palkia's Lustrous orbs contain the latent powers of their primal reversions, unbeknownst to very few humans in the Ultra-Verse their orbs; which would normally be unable to increase their strength when they become fully trained since they couldn't possibly increase their powers further, not only increases their dragon/steel or dragon/water type moves, but also is what contains the vast, totality manipulating omnipotence they once sealed away in primordial times. And yes peeps, this fact is one of the many constants in the Ultra-Verse's Pokemon Multi-Verse. Both Primal beings also retain their same typing, though gain the fan-made moves Roar of the Omega Omnisphere and Totality Wrecker respectively, which negates all abilities and moves that could weaken or stop it to do super effective damage to all types, completely ignoring the type match-up system. Primal Palkia's Totality Wrecker can also hit an infinite number of opponents at once and eviscerate entire armies in an instant, capable of wrecking entire armies of other level infinity Pokemon. Now, Mega Giratina is a bit unique, because while its Griseous orb does not in fact double as a mega stone, Giratina itself is the same as Mega Rayquaza with its ability to absorb and infinitely create mega evolution energy, with its own Mikado organ or whatever the fuck it is called, and because of that it wouldn't be able to access its infinitely powerful mega form unless it to absorbed mega evolution energy.

    That being said, in some universes Giratina has lost its ability to mega evolve whereas in others such as the 999, 999th Pokemon universe, it has absorbed an infinite amount of that energy and can sustain its mega evolved form for eternity. Like Dialga and Palkia, Giratina doubles in size upon achieving this new form, and for some strange reason can only do so in its Origin form, becoming like a giant, elongated, floating spider over 40 feet long, its color scheming also changing to gold and black and its spider-like arms almost tripling in length. It's mandibles also become approximately the proportionate size of a Stag Beetle's and give it a biting force of infinity, able to crush absolutely anything between them. Like Primal Dialga and Palkia, Giratina retains its limitless antimatter manipulation while also gaining totality manipulation and gaining the same Infinity Dome ability. Its typing remains unaffected, though because of its ability it becomes able to use every Pokemon move in the Omega Omnisphere; past, present, and future, rendering it impossibly versatile on the battlefield. It also gains a new fan-made move called Omni-Force which is an Omnipotent variation of its shadow force attack, with twice the base power, enabling it to completely evade any and all enemy attacks while striking with super effective damage against all types that ignores protect, detect, and other variations as well as all moves and abilities that could stop it, weaken it, or nullify it in any way, shape, or form, it also completely ignores the stat changes any and all opponents have made and hits all of them at once with super effective damage.

    Arceus attains fully fledged omnipotence only when it has all of its plates, past present and future, including the 17 main plates from the first six generations and even the ??? Plate and the plate for shadow Pokemon as well as plates for types that have yet to be revealed in the games or Fan-Made plates. Once it has all these, it can achieve its legendary Ascension form, which doesn't change its size or color scheme but gives it access to its 'thousand arms' that shaped the universe and everything in it, which are basically hundreds of golden tendrils of light and pure energy extending out from its body, giving it the Fan-Made ability of my own creation, "Omni-Type." Omni-Type is an ability that renders Ascension Form Arceus absolutely immune to any and all Pokemon attacks in existence all at once, makes it absolutely free of any and ALL weaknesses, and allows its judgement attack to hit all Pokemon of all types super effectively. Omni-type is also a rather rare but not unheard of phenomena in the Ultra-Verse for certain species of Pokemon or certain forms that have gone beyond the usual single type or dual typing that most Pokemon must abide by to become masters of every single Pokemon typing in existence. Omni-type Pokemon not only receive the same type attack bonus for every Pokemon move they're capable of using but also gain the ability to use every Pokemon move in the Omega Omnisphere. Pokemon who have reached level infinity and mastered abilities like Protean or Color Change are capable of becoming Omni-Type Pokemon, and Ascension form Arceus is the prime example of, or the original Omni-Type Pokemon. Pokemon like Mew, Mega Mewtwo Z, the supped up Creation trio, and other omnipotent Pokemon still retain their regular typing but could be considered omni type Pokemon in some respects such as their ability to use all Pokemon moves, although this is not as natural an ability for them as it is for Omni Type Pokemon and requires omnipotence or Mew's infinite genetic composition in order to pull off, whereas omni type Pokemon do so perfectly through natural means, or as natural as anything in the UV can ever possibly be. One of the most famous Omni Type Pokemon in the UV is Ash Ketchum Infinity's 'Ash Infinity' Greninja, which not only is a natural omni type Pokemon and able to use every move in existence but is also deified omnipotently like his trainer. Getting back to the point however, Ascension Form Arceus is absolutely, flawlessly invincible in nearly every sense of the word and is almost never used in battle by any Pokemon master due to it being absolutely omnipotent and completely unbeatable by its fundamental nature. It also regains its true move-pool and is as infinitely versatile as any fully trained Mew or Mega Mewtwo Z in the Ultra-Verse, having full, unrestricted access to any and all moves in the Omega Omnisphere of Pokemon, every fan-made move, every move in all 6 current generations of the games and the entire Anime Franchise, and even capable of creating entirely new moves on its own, with any number of effects or attributes to become even more unfairly advantageous against any opponent, it even is able to use any and all punching moves now thanks to its thousand arms

    More Updated Info on July 1, 2015, Happy Canada Day folks. I'm now going to include my own additional Fan-Made forms of certain legendary Pokemon on this list, the list of omnipotent Pokemon now increasing from 7 to 10. I'll start with Primal Yveltal, which upon undergoing Primal Reversion through the use of a Fan-Made Item of my own creation that I'm calling the Omni-Destruction Orb, again peeps, I'll say that I'm going in an entirely new direction with all of this and none of this is going to be canon material even in the slightest, but hey that's the point of Fanfiction am I right? Anyways, Upon absorbing the infinite powers of its Omni-Destruction Orb, an orb that was purged from its body during a clash with Primal Xerenas and Perfect Zygarde in ancient times, long before the time of AZ I might add, an orb that contained its latent Primal Powers, Yveltal regains its Primal Reversion and becomes the embodiment of Destructive Omnipotence. Thus gaining super powers like Non-Existence and Boundless Elimination which allow it destroy absolutely anything and everything in the Omega Omnisphere, even the complete erasure of irrational concepts like the very fabric of nothingness itself, and other omnipotent destructive powers. It also gains an omnipotent variation of its dark aura ability known as Totality Consumption, which absorbs and negates the effects of any and all opposing Pokemon's abilities and causes infinite drainage of their energy levels each and every passing second, able to OHKO any and all opposing Pokemon without even having to attack, but also having access to nearly every Pokemon move in existence including the signature moves of all the legendary Pokemon, including Primal Palkia's Totality Wrecker. WOW, holy shit I've just created a fucking monster, but I love it, Amber Valentino One Million is gonna be so fucking OP with this bitch carrying her team. I've already got plans for it in the chapter of the Omega Omnisphere's Mightiest Pokemon Master that I'm working on right now. Anyways, Yveltal retains the same typing as ever, but also gains additional moves and much broader move compatibility. As for the changes in appearance, it gains an extra pair of wings to resemble a four winged flying insect in a way, and its entire color scheming changes to pure black in its non shiny form and pure white in its shiny form.

    Now, for Primal Xerneas, the mechanics are pretty much the same for this one as Primal Yveltal only with the Omni-Creation Orb instead of the Omni-Destruction orb. Same situation in an ancient battle that purged this orb and with it the power for Xerneas to retain its Primal form, oh also, I should mention that not every Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde in the Ultra-Verse lose their ability to Primal Revert or Mega Evolve and there are actually billions of Omni-Creation and Destruction orbs out there in even the 1M universe and 999, 999th Pokemon world that were purged from the essence of Kalos's mainstream legends; each one containing infinite amounts of Primal Reversion energy and the means to enabling Xerneas and Yveltal to reclaim their true power for all eternity. Anyways, Primal Xerneas, like its Antithesis, retains its same typing but gains an almighty version of its Fairy Aura ability, which I am now going to call the Almighty Life Force Aura that allows Primal Xerneas to over-saturate its opponents with potent energy, creating an overflowing of unlimited power that will empower all other members of its trainer's team for the duration of the battle but also empower the opposing side too much, causing any and all opposing Pokemon, even level infinity Pokemon, to become disoriented and boundlessly confused as though affected by an all-powerful stagger attack, the immense surging of energy flowing through every nerve in their body and risking their health and causing all of their attacks to destabilize, become uncontrollable and infinitely damage them as well as Primal Xerneas. Every time they use an attack, they suffer the same damage as Primal Xerneas may or may not have had the attack hit them, even if the attack misses the opposing Pokemon will still be confused beyond repair, and suffer absolute damage that could potentially one hit KO them. Another Fucking monster, but yeah, fucking awesome right, I still like Primal Yveltal's ability better but meh. The thought of Primal Xerneas empowering its opponents so much that they can't even handle the power, including level Infinity Pokemon, sounds pretty fucking crazy. It also gains access to every move in existence rendering it more versatile than Primal Yveltal, and as for its physical changes, well its horns that glowed only in seven colors before now glow in infinite colors, and it becomes about eight times larger, making it one of the biggest legendaries in the Ultra-Verse now, and its horns also become proportionately about twice as large than in its normal form.

    Now, for Mega Zygarde, whew peeps, this is kind of tiring to be honest, but anyways its typing does change from Dragon and ground to Dragon and Flying in its Mega X form, pure Dragon in its Y Mega Form, and Dragon and Fairy in its Z Mega Form. Yes peeps, I've just made another powerhouse three in one Mega Pokemon, only unlike Mega Mewtwo this fucker is omnipotent in all three of its mega forms and has different abilities in each one. I suppose I should explain how Zygarde mega evolves in the first place, see in its perfect form both of its cores have absorbed all of their respective cells and then combined to form the supposedly strongest form it has, but that is not true. For starters, it is only upon attaining level infinity and its perfect form that Zygarde can undergo 'mega evolution' and surpass its otherwise maximum limits, by absorbing an infinite number of Zygarde cells from across the entire Omega Omnisphere in an instant, Zygarde Perfect Form is able to undergo three different kinds of mega evolution and is able to alternate between each one at will, becoming omnipotent in the process. There are in fact an eternal, never-ending amount of Zygarde cells across the entire Ultra-Verse for each and every UV level infinity Zygarde to call upon and use to mega evolve beyond its supposedly perfect form. It's Mega X form, has an almighty example of its Aura Break ability which is the source of its "Secret Power" legends and its ability to sap Primal Xerneas and Primal Yveltal's powers. This ability is called Omni Breaker which not only absolutely overturns any and all aura based abilities and renders them immediately useless, including Primal Xerneas and Primal Yveltal, but also turns every other ability against the user, returns to sender, makes them have the opposite and negative effect, or negates it altogether depending on the ability and its effects, including Magic Guard which instead of bouncing the status moves back to the attacker has the opposite effect instead and either poisons, burns, paralyzes, or freezes the Pokemon with magic guard, renders Primal Kyogre's ability useless at negating fire type attacks and instead makes them 4x super effective, same with Primal Groudon who gets hit at 4x damage by every water type attack despite its Desolate land. It also completely negates the effects of Synchronize and similar abilities. It gains access to any and all flying type moves, dragon type moves, and the signature moves of every other legendary Pokemon. It retains the same color scheming as Perfect Zygarde, but also achieves a similar build to mega Rayquaza, except it is about three times as thickset and far more versatile. Mega Zygarde X is the balance between opposing omnipotent or nigh omnipotent forces and beings, possessing the powers of both the Supreme Creator and the Ultimate Destroyer or Anti-God, enabling it to go toe to toe with the Omega Omnisphere's Mightiest beings while coming out on top, and protect the cosmic balance of power, to maintain it between any and all forces of good and evil.

    Mega Zygarde Y doesn't undergo too many physical changes from its perfect form either aside from getting bigger and sleeker, but gains access to every signature move of every legendary Pokemon and even gains the move Metronome, a move that by Ultra-Verse standards enables it to randomly use every Pokemon move in the Omega Omnisphere. It also gains the ability Absolute Negation which is the same as Mega Mewtwo Z, which enables it to completely negate the effects of any and all abilities of any and all opposing Pokemon. It also gains access to the new move that is exclusive to it in this form, called Wrath of the Dragon Gods, an all-powerful dragon type move that OHKO's any and all opposing Pokemon that it hits, but is highly inaccurate and can be dodged, it is also immune to the effects of Study and moves like Endure, ONKOing any and all opposing Pokemon no matter what, so long as it hits. It also hits any and all opposing Pokemon regardless of its type, even Fairy type Pokemon have to be careful when Zygarde uses this move. Mega Zygarde Y has the same omnipotent powers as its X form, being both the Supreme Deity and the Anti-God simultaneously but unlike its X form, its Y form is completely neutral and impartial to any and all things, existing outside of everything, including nothingness and the Omega Omnisphere itself on a nigh limitless level. It is literally immune to everything and exists outside of any and all constraints, walls, boundaries, and even some of the fundamental laws of totality itself, being free from virtually everything.

    Finally Mega Zygarde Z is perhaps the most powerful of the bunch in overall Pokemon battling prowess. Possessing all the omnipotent powers of both its Y and X forms as well as every nigh omnipotent power and physiology. It has also has infinite versatility and every Pokemon move in the Omega Omnisphere, much the same as any Level Infinity Mew, Mega Mewtwo Z, Ascension form Arceus, and Primal Xerneas. It is also an Omni type Pokemon, and has my Fan-Made Ability known simply as Meta Pokemon Manipulation, an ability that works similarly to the original powers and allows Mega Zygarde Z to completely change, manipulate, create, and control any and all attributes of any and all Pokemon attacks, moves, abilities, type match-up rules, and everything about them, allowing Zygarde to completely customize their abilities and attacks as well as its own to literally any desired effect, for instance, a trainer with Mega Zygarde Z can command it to use its Meta Manipulation abilities to make dragon types super effective against fairy types, poison types super effective against steel types, or any other number of crazy effects and altercations. It can turn thunderbolt into a ground type move, make Sturdy users suffer from ONKO's, and completely overturn, delete, customize, or negate any and all abilities, moves, and any and all of the fundamental laws and mechanics of the Pokemon universe and battles on an infinite level. The only downside to this ability is that it requires immense amounts of training to fully master but once it is mastered Mega Zygarde Z is almost unstoppable in a battle and pretty much impossible to predict. There are literally infinite possible applications for this ability and once mastered Mega Zygarde Z is fundamentally unbeatable, easily one of Arceus's most powerful creations. HOLY FUCK, AND I THOUGHT PRIMAL YVELTAL WAS A FUCKING MONSTER BY ULTRA-VERSE STANDARDS, MY GOD, WHERE DO I EVEN COME UP WITH THIS SHIT?! THEY BETTER NOT LET ME HAVE ANY SORT OF PULL AMONG THE POKEMON COMPANY BECAUSE I'D BE CREATING FUCKING MONSTERS LIKE THIS IN TIME FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OR SOME SHIT!! The only other legendary Pokemon who has ever achieved omnipotence anywhere in the Ultra-Verse is the Latias from the 9 thousand 999th Pokemon universe, the one in my up and coming Altoshipping story, though her methods for attaining omnipotence are truly unique and the by-product of hard work and training on her part, making her the most powerful of any level infinity Latias or Latios throughout the Ultra-Verse

    Update August 5th, 2015 for yet another Pokemon capable of achieving omnipotence, and probably the last one for a while. Behold the original dragon of the Unova Region, Unlimited Kyurem, who takes on both the powers of Zekrom and Reshiram upon reaching level infinity to take on its 'unlimited form,' a form that encompasses both its black and white form and gives it the same battle ability as Mega Zygarde Z, Meta Pokemon Manipulation. It retains its Dragon/Ice typing, but gains so much more on top of that, doubling its white form's size and retaining the coloration of both as well as its energy streams connecting its tail to its midsection turn from either blue or red-orange to shimmering in a kaleidoscope of unlimited colors in the visible spectrum in an endless display of power and light. On top of that, its combination black and white coloration on its body is dotted with countless other pigments across its black parts, and its white body parts are shimmering and glittering with the same infinite colors as its energy streams. Oh, it also doesn't have a shiny form and looks the exact same no matter what, and it takes on the ability to use every Pokemon technique and attack throughout totality, including all the various dragon type moves of all the different Ultra-Versed legends in all their forms, including Primal Dialga's Roar of the Omega Omnisphere, Primal Palkia's Totality Wrecker, Mega Giratina's ghost type Omni Force, etc. On top of all that, its main omnipotent super power is a combination of Complete Arsenal/Meta Ability Creation, meaning it has absolutely every super power in totality, including every omnipotent and nigh omnipotent power and physiology as well as the ability to create, control, customize, delete, and nullify any and all of those powers on an infinite level and in any way, shape, or form. This effectively renders it as versatile as a level infinity Mew but the difference is it can only access its unlimited form when trained to a level of infinity, so is only capable of achieving omnipotence when maxed out.

    New/Updated Information on September 26, 2015: Given Zygarde's new forms which were revealed by the creators of Pokemon recently, including its ten percent form, Zygarde cell, Zygarde core, and Zygarde Perfect form, I've integrated it into Ultra-Verse terms so that Zygarde Perfect Form is nigh omnipotent in every sense and aspect, possessing every nigh omnipotent super power including Omni-Magic, Physical Godhood, every transcendent physiology including Dragon God, Angelic God, Demonic God, Spectral Deity, Genie God, Supreme Death God, etc. Also, Zygarde will only be able to mega evolve into it's fully omnipotent mega forms whilst in it's perfect form so while nothing I created for Zygarde in Ultra-Verse terms has changed, I've also integrated the new forms revealed by the creators of Pokemon in a way I think you all will enjoy))

    -Nigh Omnipotence/Near Supreme Power (Certain Pokemon are, through various means, able to attain nigh omnipotent powers when fully trained and raised to level infinity, including Dialga and Palkia and their vast reality-warping powers, being able to control time and space on an infinite level. Both Mew and Ditto are totally Omnifarious when fully trained as well, possessing limitless shape shifting powers bestowing them with the genetic composition of every physiology in the Omega Omnisphere, enabling them to emulate nigh omnipotent and even omnipotent forms. Mewtwo and other legendary psychic Pokemon possess absolute levels of willpower when fully trained, able to achieve virtually any miraculous feat through their own sheer force of will, completely controlling every aspect of their existence and able to bend nearly everything and anything in the Omega Omnisphere to their will. Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, and Mega Rayquaza can control the elements and forces of nature on an infinite level when fully trained, so they could be considered slightly lower level users of this power, when fully trained they not only control the weather, they can create new storm clouds, create winds that move countless times faster than any natural earth wind, add endless amounts of solar power to the skies, and create endless amounts of electrons inside the earth's atmospherics, then manipulate those electrons to their every whim and control the weather on an infinite level. Arceus, Mew, Omninoir, and my fourth Omnipotent Pokemon can use every nigh omnipotent power, omnipotent power, and control every power and ability in the Omega Omnisphere on an infinite level. Smeargle possesses meta paint manipulation allowing it to essentially control the entire Omega Omnisphere on a nigh omnipotent level as though it were a piece of art. It can draw and/or paint absolutely anything and bring those drawings to life, it can even paint a new Omniverse and create absolutely anything just by drawing it, it can also paint itself to possess any and all super powers in existence and essentially paint the air itself without having to use it's tail. The entire Omega Omnisphere is merely a portrait inside of it's head, an eternally unfinished artwork that will take forever to finish painting)

    These abilities and mechanics are constants in my personal Pokemon Multiverse.

    Ash Ketchum 10's Trainer Profile (ATPM- Chapter One)

    Number of Pokemon Seen: 651 (Includes Froakie and Fletchling, but has seen other unidentified Kalosian Pokemon)

    Number of Pokemon Species Caught: 613 (Has captured every non Kalosian Pokemon save most of the legends, every pseudo-legendary, every starter, and even several of the legendary Pokemon as well as a Gale Wings Fletchling and Protean Froakie in chapter one, but so far has yet to capture all of the non Kalos legends; the non Kalosian Pokemon he has not captured are as follows, Moltres, Zapdos, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Latios, Latias, the Regis, Jirachi, Deoxys, the Lake trio, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Shayman, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect, he captured the Rotom from both the Old Chateau and on the Decolore islands, though he entrusted the second one to professor Oak's care)

    Current Trainer Rank as of Chapter One in the updated version: Elite Level

    Number of Contests Won: 1 (Terracotta Contest- Tied with May)

    Number of Grand Conferences Won: 0

    Number of Gym Badges obtained: 52 (Including the Orange Islands and Orange Islands League)

    Number of Pokemon League Tournaments Won: 7

    Number of Pokemon League Championship Tournaments Won: 1 (Against Drake of the Orange Islands) ((Has yet to beat any member of the Elite Four or any Regional Champion)

    Number of evil organizations Disbanded: 4 (Team Flare and Team Rocket are currently active)

    Number of Battle Frontiers Conquered: 1 (Is the first trainer to conquer the Kanto Battle Frontier and all 7 Frontier Brains)

    Number of Pokemon at Level 100: 600 (Every one of his Pokemon are level 100 but not all of them are fully trained)

    Number of Pokemon Fully Trained to Infinite Levels: 12 (Has fully trained Articuno, Mega Mewtwo, Mew, Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Giratina, Zekrom, Reshiram, Black/White/Unlimited Kyurem, Mega Charizard, Mega Sceptile, Mega Lucario, and Mega Garchomp) ((Mega evolved and Primal Legendary Pokemon as well as Charizard and Sceptile are fully trained in their normal forms as well, as of chapter one, Lucario and Garchomp are only fully trained in their mega forms)) (((Profile subject to updates with almost every chapter)))

    Main Side Characters/Current Companions

    Ash Ketchum: Main character

    Fredrick (Red) Ketchum: Ash' Father and the current World Champ/Pokemon Master/Legendary Trainer

    Delia Ketchum: Ash's mother

    Serena Yvonne: Ash's best childhood friend/eventual girlfriend and lover/Soul Mate

    Clement: Ash's friend and one of his current traveling companions

    Bonnie: Ash's friend and younger sisterly figure

    Professor Samuel Oak: Ash's mentor/grandfatherly figure

    Benjamin (Blue) Oak: Professor Oak's Eldest Grandchild, Fredrick Ketchum's Biggest rival and runner-up for Pokemon Mastery, calls himself Blue as tribute to his heated rivalry with Red

    Daisy Oak: Professor Oak's second born grandchild, Gary and Blue's sister, and Ash's close friend and occasional caretaker of his Pokemon at the ranch

    Gary Oak: Professor Oak's youngest grandchild, Pokemon researcher, and one of Ash's former and biggest rivals

    Dawn Berlitz: Ash's Sinnoh companion, old flame, and eventual travel companion in Kalos, competes in Kalos Tripokalons

    Calem: Ash's Kalos Rival and occasional travel companion and hinted crush of Shauna and Serena, having traveled the world for five years and returning to Kalos, rivals Ash in power

    Shauna: Serena's closest female friend and hinted crush of Calem, occasional travelling buddy of Ash and co, Strong Kalos trainer of Mega Venesaur

    Tierno: Pokemon Dancing fanatic and occasional travel buddy of Ash and co, Strong Kalos Trainer of extremely fast and nimble Mega Blastoise

    Trevor: Shy, reserved trainer working to complete the Pokedex, occasional travelling companion of Ash and co, strong Kalos trainer of Mega Charizard

    Paul: Recurring rival of Ash in Kalos

    Barry: Recurring rival of Ash in Kalos

    Ash Ketchum One Million's Trainer Profile (The Omega Omnisphere's Mightiest Pokemon master- Chapter One)

    Number of Pokemon Species Seen: 651

    Number of Pokemon Species caught: 648 (Every non Kalosian Pokemon legendary or otherwise except for Ho-Oh, has several of some Pokemon and 2 of certain Legends)

    Current Trainer Rank as of Chapter One in the updated version: Champion Level

    Number of contests won: 10 (Won 5 contests in both Hoenn and Sinnoh)

    Number of Grand Conferences won: 0 (Chose to forfeit grand conference contest match against Dawn, granting her the title of Top Coordinator and contest star)

    Number of Gym Badges Obtained: Hundreds (obtained all 8 main badges in all the regions save Kalos, plus all 4 in the Orange Islands, along with all 19 extra badges in Kanto and dozens of additional badges from each region)

    Number of Pokemon League Tournaments Won: 7 (Made first place in all the tournaments, earning the right to challenge the Elite Four and champion in the championship tournaments)

    Number of Pokemon League Championship Tournaments Won: 3 (Beat Champion Lance in both the Kanto and Johto league championships as well as Drake from the Orange Islands)

    Number of Evil Organizations Disbanded: 5 (Includes Team Rocket but has yet to disband Team Flare)

    Number of Battle Frontiers Conquered: 1 (Same as Ash from ATPM)

    Number of Level 100 Pokemon: Hundreds of them, all fully evolved

    Number of Pokemon Fully Trained To Infinite Levels: 200 or perhaps even more (Includes every legendary Pokemon he captured, both his starters Raichu and Alakazam, all his mega evolved Pokemon, Snorlax, all his starters, pseudo-legends, and many others including the giant Dragonite from Bill's Lighthouse, the giant Tentacruel, the giant Alakazam, Gengar, and Jigglypuff from Pokemopolis, the crystal Onix, and many more. Almost all of Ash's Pokemon are now fully evolved so the number of species he now has don't include any pre-evolved Pokemon, with the exception of his Mega Slowbro which is also fully trained) ((All above informat

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