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    See Jane.
    See Jane write.
    Jane works hard.
    Jane publishes her story.
    Jane is happy.

    See Dick.
    See Dick write.
    Dick can not write.
    Dick tears up his story.
    Dick is sad.

    See Dick.
    See Dick read.
    Dick reads Jane's story.
    Dick steals Jane's story.
    Now Dick is happy.

    See Jane.
    See Jane read Dick's story.
    Jane knows it is her story.
    Jane is not happy.
    Jane calls Spot.

    See Spot.
    See Spot fetch.
    See Spot fetch Dick.
    Spot fetches Dick to the Hall of Shame.
    Good boy, Spot!

    Welcome home, Dick! You're in good company with all the other wannabes who decided to make themselves happy by claiming an author's hard work as their own. But guess what? It makes us really happy to showcase your stupidity in the Hall of Shame, and Jane's getting the last laugh. 
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