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    Hello, my name is Clayton (Pen Name, ClayDaBaws) and I am here to post some of the stories I write on my WordPress blog. I enjoy anime so I will be writing alot of Fan Fiction based on my favorite anime from all types of genres. I have enjoyed writing for a very long time even though I am not the best with words but I am slowly improving my writing and would enjoy tips on how to increase my skills. The reason I enjoy writing so much is because you can make a completely different world with you writing! It's an amazing feeling when you are typing or writing out an amazing story! I enjoy pretty much all genres of hentai excluding BL (Boy Love) but that should be obvious since I am a straight male. I will be writing primarily in three genres, Rape, Gangbang and also Vanilla.

    I hope you read my writing, enjoy it and also if need be give me honest opinions and pointers on how to make my writing better! Thanks for reading!

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