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    An aspiring writer with a secret under her human skin.

    I write in the following genres: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, and Monster Erotica. Just to make things clear: if you're disturbed by monster or monster/human pairings, I don't suggest you read any of my works. I'm open to critique and advice if it is helpful for me to grow as a writer, so feel free to point out the grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors. I know that some of you will like my works, some of you won't, and I accept that; but keep in mind that offensive comments and insults, especially about my personality will not be tolerated. I write for myself and for those readers who like this type of stuff, and I'm glad to make them happy with my stories.

    Big thanks to all who read and evaluate my stories, and I sincerely hope you like them!

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