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    Hello! My name is Bunny and this is my Adult Fanficion profile! I was born January 26, 1995, which means I'm an Aquarius. My interest in writing is , mainly Yu-Gi-Oh! DM (while I do give the spin offs a try DM will always hold my heart in place). Somethings to know about me would to be that I am a college a student, and I mainly just getting a degree in General Studies, and I want to be an author. So writing these stories is more or less practice for me. I've been writing for many years, it has been something I've always enjoyed. I remember being in Elementary school and the school library had a section for student made books and I must have tried to get one of mine in ever over week. Even so I still make the most basic of grammar errors! So Please bare with me, I don't have a beta reader so all of this is done on my own and I do try my best.

    Some other things to know about me would be that I am asexual, "I don't know what" gender (like I got a female body, but I never felt like I am any particular gender, but I'm fine with being recolonized as a girl??? but I still don't feel like a girl... eh.) and I am an introverted person. I don't lead a partially interesting life, I mainly keep to myself and try to do things I like, and try to try new things.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy the stories that I will be writing!

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