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    Hello, my name is SlutWriter. If you've read my stories, you know me and you know the sort of stuff I write.

    I generally write stories about hypersexualized realities. Size and virility, dirty talk, humiliation, and degradation are my absolute favorite fetishes.

    My favorite fetishes include:

    Degradation/humiliation, straight shota/hung shota, cum bellies, gokkun, dickgirls, excessive semen, massive cocks and balls, rimjobs, cock worship, horse cocks/bestiality, nipple fucking, hypersexualized realities and fantasy worlds, watersports, scat, smegma/sweat/saliva/pubic hair degradation, cum kink (thickness/quality/amount), audible cumshots, hotdogging, filthy dirty talk, ahegao, pregnancy, cum baths, size queens (cock obsessions, size-as-status), son-cuck/femme-cuck, incest, extreme ageplay, raceplay, condom filling/loaded condom degradation, lactation, fisting, young traps, yaoi, violence, misogyny, NTR, mind breaking, snuff.

    My email address is if you have a private comment or request.

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