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    I write original fantasy fiction and the occasional piece of non-fiction and get published professionally here and there, from time to time.

    I started writing when I was 13 with a simple 1 chapter story based on a dream and went from there. I'm 28 now and working on practising plotting and characterisation for my original work, and I find fanfiction is a good way to exercise those muscles.

    I really love to play with characters and explore their psychology and physicality. I love to push them past their normal boundaries and add a bit of my creativity to them.

    I have a definite method for writing. I absorb what I see of the actor's performance, introduce a situation and write down how I'd feel and behave if I were playing the character. I usually work with between 2 and 4 characters and I alternate between them.

    It's very normal for me to literally lose my personality for weeks at a time. I did this for 6 weeks writing my Hobbit fanfic 'A Frozen Sun.' I've been working in the same way for the past 11 weeks on my Harry Potter fic “The Xeoforce Equation.”

    Coming back down to Earth at the end of it is often a bit of a jolt and it can be super confusing because I often feel like my own life has been suspended while I work on the story.

    I tend to write a skeleton draft with very little description, then 2 drafts to flesh out the story. Then I go through with a fine-tooth comb to find continuity and grammar errors, then I do another draft to bulk out the description and deepen the characters and settings.

    Then I do either one or two readings out loud to check the characters voices and make sure I feel comfortable that their behaviour and choices are as close to the original character's psychology as possible.

    My fanfic, like my original writing, is very much a work in progress. I'm no expert - I'm learning as I go along.

    Lastly, if you read, please drop me a review. It helps me because I intend to take what I learn on here and apply it to my original work, so if you have a comment, a constructive criticism or opinion, give me a bell. I don't have an editor or a beta reader either, so obviously there's going to be things I miss in my read-throughs. I'm always interested to hear what my readers think!

    Many thanks!

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