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    I'm NeoTyson, 26 years old a MALE, graduated Tech school majoring in IT and currently have a new job. I consider myself a real guy who's honest, the person you can talk to about anything.

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    I'm nowhere near the best writer on this site, for I'm still a rookie who writes for enjoyment, not competition. Most of my stories will be about your friendly neighborhood Spider-man with the Genre of the stories mostly with romance (yes I'm that type of guy). I am opening up to writing other stories of content that I like for example Mass Effect series, Arrow Tv show, Kim Possible, etc.


    1. If you don't like the idea behind my story, don't read or comment

    2. I'm open to constructive criticism as long as you're civil about it, but if you go to call me stupid because my writing is not the best I will call you out

    3. I will gladly take advice from anyone if it helps with my stories



    If you believe in Jesus Christ, put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

    I have an Archive of our profile under the same username where I have stories on that page as well:

    Matt Murdock and Claire Temple stood on a balcony alone. Claire began asking because she felt she had to know.

    "Matt, do I ever cross your mind?"


    "Do you like me?"


    "Do you want me?"


    "Would you cry if I left?"


    "Would you live for me?"


    "Would you do anything for me?"


    "Choose ME or your life."

    "My life."

    Claire, feeling like she wants to cry, begins to run off when suddenly Matt's hand grabbed her wrist. She turns to tell him to let go, but then he smirked and spoke.

    "The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind."

    Claire's eyes widened at this statement and as the Matt wraps his arms around her and continues speaking.

    "The reason why I don't like you is because I love you."

    "The reason why I don't want you is because I need you."

    "The reason why I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left."

    "The reason why I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you."

    "The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you."

    "The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life."

    Claire starts to grin as she returns the embrace as she cries from happiness.

    Favorite video game series:

    Elder Scrolls series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, kingdom hearts series, The Witcher series, Fallout series

    Favorite Heros

    Marvel- Spiderman, Black cat, Daredevil, Punisher, Captain America, iceman, human torch, Wolverine, Deadpool, Luke Cage, Mr. Marvel, Moon Knight

    Dc- Static shock, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Nightwing, Black Canary, Huntress

    Other- Ron Stoppable, Future Trunks, Future Gohan, Naruto, Orphen, Wei, Roxas, Geralt

    Favorite Pairings

    Spider-man/Marvel: Spidey/Black-cat (OTP), Spider-man/Ms. Marvel, Spidey/Spider-woman, Spidey/Silver Stable, Spidey/X-23

    Spider-man/Dc (From reading other fanfics): Spidey/Huntress, Spidey/Wonder Woman/ Girl, Spidey/Supergirl, Spidey/Black Canary

    Mass Effect: M.Shepard/Miranda (OTP), M.Shepard/Jack (2nd OTP), F.Shepard/Garrus

    Mass Effect side couple: Garrus/Tali or Liara, Joker/Edi, Liara/Javix, Ashley/James, Samara/Zaeed, Ken/Gabby

    Dragon Age: M.Warden/Morrigan, F.Warden/Alistar, M.Hawke/Isabela, F.Hawke/Fenris, M.Hawke/Tallis, M.Inquisitor/Cassandra, F.Inquisitor/Cullen, Blackwall/Josephine, Varric/Bianca

    Marvel: Wolverine/Jean Grey, Iron-man/Prepper, Human torch/Crystal, Daredevil/Night-nurse or Electra, Captain America/Black Widow, Gambit/Rouge, Kitty/Ice man

    Kim Possible: Ron/Bonnie, Ron/Yori, Ron/Shego Ron/Tara

    Naruto: Naruto/Ino, Naruto/Anko, Naruto/Kurenai, Naruto/Temari, Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Sakura

    CW DC universe: Barry/Linda or Caitlin, Green arrow/Shado, Black Canary (Sara), Nyssa, or Huntress (tv show)

    D.C: Wally/Artemis, Robin/Starfire, Batman/Wonder woman or Catwoman, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Beast Boy/Terra

    Other/Games: Goku/Bulma, Cole/Nix (Infamous 2), Niko/Kate (GTA 4), Sly/Carmelita (Sly Cooper), Frank/Rebecca (Dead rising 2), Wei/Sandra (Sleeping Dogs), M.Dragonborn/Mjoll the lioness, M.Dragonborn/Ysolda, F.Dragonborn/Farkas, M.Dragonborn/Serena (Skyrim), Geralt/Triss

    Telltale Games: Lee/Lilly, Lee/Molly, Carey/Doug, Kenny/Sarita, Bigby/Snow, Re/Sasha

    Tv shows: Peter/Nikki, House/Camera or Dominika, Cj/Janie, Mike/Charlie, Jack/Renee

    WWE: OC/Lana, John Cena/Mickie James, Randy Orton/Stacy Keibler, Cm Punk/Lita, Miz/Maryse, Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn, Daniel Bryan/A.J, Zack Ryder/Emma, Jeff Hardy/Trish, Matt Hard/Maria, Dean Ambrose/Renee Young, Jimmy Uso/Naomi, Kaval/Layla, Undertaker/Mccool, The Rock/Lillian Garcia, HHH/Stephaine, John Morrison/Melina, Teddy Long/Krystal, Beth/Santino, Evan/Alicia Foxx, Fandango/Summer rae


    Xbox: TmeisterVerse

    Psn: TmeisterVerse

    Favorite authors on Fanfic

    Dakkaman777 Reborn Dark Phoenix Dablman2020 Mjh Hunter Agent G Stg. M00re Patrickthenobleman Sierra-021 LeBeauClan1765 Assassin's Creed Master NoirValor

    Future/possible Stories:

    Spiderman noir

    Stories on hold:

    Spider-man/Ms. Marvel: Different Worlds, Different Destinies (patrickthenobleman challenge) - no clear direction on where to take the story

    Stories that are discontinued:

    Spider-man/DC story is canceled due to lack of readership, ideas, and long-term plot Mass Effect Shepard/Jack Mini series - No support for it and lack the motivation to do it


    OC characters that I have made:

    Telltale Walking dead story: A different road

    Name: Kendell

    Age: 26

    Personality: Has a funny personality, likes to joke around, but knows when to be serious

    Bio: Kendell is a young black guy in his mid-twenties, he was separated from his family. He likes to use his crossbow for range and brass knuckles for if he has to fight a walker in person. Pretty much the male version of Molly, but his jacket is black and blue.


    Mr. Oliver Queen story: Justice league: Year one

    Name: Tyson Moore

    DOB: 4/27


    Hero name: Noir

    Appearance: Young black slim build (almost like Diggle, but smaller), Costume- pretty much spider-man noir

    Powers: no superpowers like Oliver, Has wrestling/street fight background, knows how to uses bow & arrow, but only for range stealth prefers letting his fighting do the talking

    Strength: Is very good at sneaking and doing stealth like takedowns

    Weakness: typical weakness of an average human, though his costume provides slight armor protections (reinforced)

    Personality: Has a funny personality, likes to joke around, but knows when to be serious

    Bio: Tyson is a young guy who was quiet and mostly to his self with a few close people in his after dealing with his parents' divorce. After suffering a major depression and witness his mentor's murder, he decides to get stronger and trains with his wrestle ability and vows not to let an innocent life be talking away thus becoming Noir, a vigilante turn hero who prefers using the darkness as his ally and like to do things stealth-like but is not afraid of fighting during the day if need to.

    FANFICTION- UNITED NATIONS!! Has anyone else noticed how a lot of us get along and make friends on here and we can be from completely different countries? WTH!? We're here making world peace on the Internet, and we have all those ambassadors and senators and whatever struggling with it!! If you realize this (or read this and agreed) copy and paste this and add your name and country (the country is optional) to the list. SPREAD THE PEACE!!: Naruto-fan-Okami-chan (USA), NaraTemari011 (Puerto Rico), Lala girl in Lalaland (USA), Kakashi Forever (England) Anime895(USA), Starwatcher-shadow (Belgium), icyprincess1 (USA), Marshmellowtime (USA), Fury-Writer-17 (USA) Verdigurl ( New Zealand ) justiceintheworldofhp-yea right (USA), IronhideFan1993 (UK) Elhini Prime (USA), coppa-cola (USA), aspiringactor (Canada) Dakkaman777 (England) patrickthenobleman (USA), NeoTyson (USA)

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