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    For those hard-working cobblefic plagiarists out there:


    Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. Unfortunately, it's not exactly my profile any more. It's been taken over.


    Why, you ask? Good question. It seems that the moderators here at AFF take a very dim view of the way I let other people's work inspire me. You see, I take a paragraph here, and a bit of dialogue there, and I write a little bit around that. It's not really stealing, since I did actually write parts of it, right? It's a tribute, a homage, a way of saying thank you to someone who wrote something amazing.


    It's not? You mean the original author doesn't approve? No worries, I'll just say that they gave me permission. No one can prove that they didn't, unless of course, they ask the original author...


    I guess the Hall of Shame is where I belong after all. 

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