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    Who is Nuredhel? A somewhat over creative Norwegian with a deep love for writing, reading and nature. I have one huge problem, the number of hours in a day is far too few for my liking, and i am too fond of sleeping! I live in a rural area with just a few farms and a lot of woods around, and a lake. To me that is perfect, i am a forest creature and need to get out into the great outdoors rather often, or else i get extremely stressed out. The wilderness is my medicine and inspiration. I write a lot, as a matter of fact i am a published writer but the novels i have written is in my native language. I have always loved fantasy, when i was a child i would entertain my babysitter with hourlong tales of trolls and dragons and so on and so forth, i had not yet learned to read so where the tales came from heaven knows. Unlike other girls i barely played with dolls and i preferred the company of the boys although i scared them, being to wild and strong to keep up with. Instead of dolls i ran around in our pastures with homemade bows and arrows and wooden swords, i guess my future path was rather obvious even then. I am not your typical female, for my birthday two years ago my partner bought me a replica broadsword and i was grinning more widely than other girls do when presented with a huge diamond. I have dragon figurines, dragon posters, i draw dragons... I do draw a lot yes, not very good at it but i try. I do also paint, photography is a dear hobby to me, and of course hiking. I have two extremely spoiled cats and a boyfriend who is my light and joy, yes there is such a thing as soul mates. I have a hyper active brain and get new ideas the whole time, the one thing i never suffer of is writers block, i have a writers overload instead. I never know when the next idea is to drop into my tormented mind. sometimes i cant even sleep because some new idea is released within my mind and i cant stop the dialogue and storyline from going on repeat in my thoughts. I love fantasy and sci fi litterature and movies and the work of Tolkien is my favorite of course. I listen to music a lot, when writing battle scenes its often rather aggressuive dark stuff thats coming from my speakers but i do like almost all types of music as long as it is melodical. I am a farm worker, love being around animals, i am educated as a forestry, wilderness and wildlife manager and agronomist, and thats a presentation of the overly creative messy creature that i am.

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