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    It takes learning grammar, and spelling. It takes knowing how to use punctuation, and when to capitalize. It takes fresh plot ideas, and new twists on old tropes. It takes respect for your readers, in the form of giving them the best possible story you can.

    And when you don't have all those things, readers have a tendency to point out your poor spelling, and terrible grammar. They leave reviews outlining what needs to be fixed, and they give you poor ratings.

    You can do two things here. 

    You can work hard, improve your skills, and win the readers over with your dedication to becoming the best writer you can be.

    Or you can just find a really popular writer, someone whose stories get hundreds of reviews, and you can copy what they wrote. No one will ever know.

    Oh, you tweak it a bit, to be sure. You condense it down, just grab a little bit here and there. Toss in some awkward sentences here and there to cobble it all together, and you have a story.

    But only until a faithful reader who knows the other writer reads it, and realizes your story sounds incredibly familiar. So very familiar, in fact, that it could be the same story that their dear friend, the other writer, had just updated.

    What does the faithful reader do? Why, they tell us, and we take a long, hard look. And when we see what you've done, can you guess what we do?

    Welcome to the Hall of Shame. We have a seat for you, right up front in Plagiarist's Row, with all the other people who thought stealing someone's hard work was a fine idea. Enjoy the infamy, because it's all you'll ever have here at AFF.

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