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    ~ Why so serious?...♥~

    My real name is confidential so call me Nyx ;]

    I'm a 25 year old woman who likes violence, gore and vampires(not the sparkly kind because lets face it. What real vampire sparkles?).

    I have dyed hair(No point in mentioning a colour seeing as it changes often), grey eyes(They're not always grey though. Sometimes they look more blue or green x3) and I have my lip pierced.

     Random fact: Most of my wardrobe is black :P
    I LOVE the colours red, black, grey, purple, royal blue and biohazard green!

    I love animals, I have dogs.


    I am a Slytherin.

    I believe that almost anything is possible and therefore I believe that mythical creatures could be real otherwise who would be awesome enough to make them up? ;]

    I'm straight but support LGBTQ+ individuals

    I'm 5'3.5. I'm taller than both my mum and my sister. Just waiting to catch up to my brother now so I can take the mick out of him.

    My family means everything to me, my dog being most important. Touch a hair on their heads and I will gladly beat you to death, or atleast go down trying
    .   *Whispers in reader's ear* I'd enjoy it too...
    *Insane grin*

    Just some ordinary things I say/think and some of my normal conversations:

    "Mew!~ You're such a potato!"

    "I had an itch but I took care of it... And its whole family.*Cue evil grin*"

    "I wonder what someone's reaction would be if I thanked them unkindly rather than kindly..."

    "His pet carrot does all his work for him, that's why."

    "Don't get a pet beetroot, they leave stains everywhere" - That one made my friend laugh throughout a whole lesson

    "Goddamn it! I wish these doors would stop bullying me"

    "Acrylic nailvarnish tastes nice". Reply from my friend- "Cool, you could be the first person to get high off nailvarnish"

    "Do you think eating a load of glitter would be like eating sand?"

    Friend: "this is getting like a bored piss around on super scribblenauts" Me: "With man-eating marshmallows, biting the heads off of overly orange girls and throwing them at passers by. Then doing a rain dance upside down so the rain will fall sideways because duck gravity."
    Friend: "I want a holiday in your brain"
    Me: "
    Me too... Oh wait...*pauses for a moment* I wonder what would happen if the world and all of it's contents turned inside out.."

    "I wonder if Sherlock ever cried so hard he became a water fountain..."

    "Maybe it won't be a bomb, maybe it'll be a goat."

    "What do you think would happen if the rain started to fall upside down? Would the plants die because all the water is leaving them? Could you class that as plants crying?"

    "Jaffa cakes, building up. Jaffa cakes, chew your gut. Jaffa cakes on the ground. Jaffa cakes kill you without a sound."

    Friend talking about other friend: "He probably spent the whole day being a loner in his room"
    Me: "No, that was me."

    Me: "I'm back baby!"
    Friend: "You were gone?"
    Me: "Indeed I was. You missed me really didn't you Ben, you noticed I was gone and pretended you don't care when really you were crying in the corner of whatever room you're in whilst hugging yourself. Weren't you?"
    Friend: "The truth hurts so :'("

    ~Some bands and singers I listen to(some of the bands/singers listed I only listen to one or two songs but most are my favourites)~

    SHINee ~ DBSK ~ An Cafe ~ Tokio Hotel ~ Greenday ~ Linkin Park ~ The Killers ~ Within Temptation ~ Blink182 ~ Alexisonfire ~ Lights ~ Disturbed ~ Evanescence ~ Rage Against The Machine ~ ON/OFF ~ CNBLUE ~ Frankie Goes To Hollywood ~ Dredg ~ Panic! At The Disco ~ Secondhand Serenade ~ Owl City ~ Placebo ~ Black Veil Brides ~ Falling in Reverse ~ Escape The Fate ~ Fit For Rivals ~ Bloodhound Gang ~ Soft Cell ~ Hot Chelle Rae ~ All-American Rejects ~ Breaking Benjamin ~ 30 Seconds To Mars ~ Paramore ~ System Of A Down ~ Red Hot Chilli Peppers ~ Incubus ~ Never Shout Never ~ All Time Low ~ Dido ~ Papa Roach ~ Apocalyptica ~ Nirvana ~ My Chemical Romance ~ Limp Bizkit ~ Daft Punk ~ AFI ~ Manic Street Preachers ~ Fall Out Boy ~ Muse ~ Rammstein ~ t.A.T.u ~ Three Days Grace ~ Blood On The Dancefloor ~ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus ~ Yuya Matsushita ~ Adam Lambert ~ Lil' Chris(Yeah I still like his songs x3) ~ Opeth ~ Celldweller ~ Gary Numan ~ Anathema ~ Blackfield ~ VNV Nation ~ The Rasmus ~ Snow Patrol ~ Hard-Fi ~ Pink Floyd ~ R.E.M ~ Rainbow ~ Elvis Costello ~ Blur ~ The Offspring ~ Diaura ~ Kaiser Chiefs ~ Kasabian ~ Drowning Pool ~ Goldfrapp ~ Cornershop ~ Madness ~ Gorillaz ~ Michael Jackson ~ Riverside ~ Culture Club ~ Billy Corgan ~ Prince ~ Wang Chung ~ Squeeze ~ Wham! ~ Staind ~ Zwan ~ Shinedown ~ Ghost Town ~ Tears For Fears ~ 3 Doors Down ~ J.Geils Band ~ Alice Cooper ~ Ultravox ~ His Infernal Majesty ~ Nine Inch Nails ~ Porcupine Tree ~ Sonata Arctica.

    Go forth and eat your fellow brethren...Damn there I go again with that saying, I said it to one of my friends the other day for no reason, needless to say, she was laughing her arse off...♥ 

    ~ So long and goodnight...♥ ~

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