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    Hello darlings,

    I am Madame Douleur, formerly HentaiBunny! I'm back from writers block limbo and ready to continue telling my tales. Writing erotica seems to be calling to me, can one be too turned on by their own stories? In my panties opinion? No.

    I will predominantly writing two stories: Innocence Lost and Marie and her Daddy. I’ve been back to continue writing Innocence Lost for about a month now and I’ve never been happier. Grace’s adventures parallel very close to my own darker fantasies. As for Marie and her Daddy….

    This story has a special place in my heart. I began writing this story with a dear man, S.P, and every moment spent on the story was pure joy. We have since lost contact but I still think of him and of our story. I have decided to begin writing Marie and her Daddy anew, as a dedication to S.P and as message to him. I miss you and still think of you. I hope you’re happy, wherever you are.

    Ages of Slaves will be put on hold for now, I’m, not really feeling it. And you may see one shots every now and again, like the monthly prompts. I enjoyed writing that.

    Anywho, I am releasing my email because I would love to take suggestions for Innocence Lost and Marie and her Daddy. What fetish do you want Grace or Marie to endure? Send me a quick email and I’ll see if I can accommodate you ;). So please shock me, I look forward to it *kisses* ;).

    - Madame *Hugs*

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