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    Hello, I do TRUE FEMDOM stories, so no, there won't be any Maledom/switch out of me it will be female dominant all the way through, I'll most likely do post-ending to anime and a few video games and cartoons. Most of my stories deal with the main protagonist (Sorry villain/side protagonist fans) same with the love interest(Sorry side interest fans) there are a few exceptions like if the females dominate one guy I will throw in side interests and female villains. Now, I will draw some referance from Jedsho's Writing.com's "Naruto Femdom Stories" which is interactive and reached above 1100 chapters. However that will only be for my Naruto Femdom stories, I'll take out the toilet, footplay, and vore because to me, those are unneeded elements to an otherwise perfect femdom story. Same with some yaoi stuff that snuck in under the radar. Also, I'll be trying to add some sex to every chapter but not too much, yes, there will be plots as a way to fit in more characters or to add to a harem but, the female is always on a higher station than a male. After I'm done, please, please, please review maturely.

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