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    The last two and a half years have been...enlightening. Two months after I embarked on publishing, I found myself on the floor of a coffee shop, with EMT's responding to a 911 call, for me. That was the first seizure. And many more followed, without a diagnosis from doctors. So for those of you wondering where I went, and what happened, I was on my own journey. 

    But my characters never left me, even when my hands couldn't type. And I'm back. A few more scars. A few more life lessons and perhaps a little bit more wisdom. 

    There are two stories I've shared here before: Terms and Pegasus King. I'm revisiting Terms, after some excellent feedback and it is now Souls and Thrones, vastly expanded and pretty much entirely rewritten. Pegasus King Part 2 will be waiting until I write to the end of Souls and Thrones. I'm limiting myself to one project at a time, as chronic fatigue is still an issue. 

    I'm putting work up here because I enjoy the interaction and challenges that take place. Writing can be lonely. Consider this my working draft and all of you wonderful readers, the muses whispering in my ears as I strive to make it as beautiful as possible. So many authors I admire posted their works here and kept me company through difficult years. I hope to do the same for someone else. 


    - Ciara Darren

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